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Readers Respond: Have You Tried the "Vodka Method"?

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vodka dosing works

Here's my 3rd update from my original start of dosing with vodka 3 months ago. My nitrate levels gradually lower from 100ppm to 0. I started with 2ml in my 150g fowlr and slowly doubled the dosage every couple of weeks. By the 12th week I was dosing 50ml. Now I will gradually lower the dosage until I notice a slight increase in my nitrates and that is where I will maintain my dosage. I was very skepkical of the vodka method, but now I'm a believer. It DEFINITELY works! Just be patient and do not overdose and a really good protein skimmer is a MUST.
—Guest deck

One year Later

One year later, I do a Vodka, Sugar, VI agar mix. Over the last year my No=0, PO=0 and so on. This low rate has allowed me to move into more spa corals with great growth, color, and balance in my tank. BUT!!!! You must take your time using Vodka and pay close attention to your tank with a log, if you add ANY Carbon or GFO you TS wise to reduce your daily Vodka to ensure you don't strip or reduce your levels to fast..
—Guest Dtech07

Works for me

I have used this method off and on for several years. I now stick to it as my tank always looks better when I do. I use a peristaltic pump to automatically dose 5 mil / day on a 130 gal reef tank, I have lots of SPS and fish in my tank and they all are doing great. If you see your fish breathing heavy, or if animals start to die, you have a bacterial bloom that is using up all the oxygen in your tank. This is why a skimmer is very important, it oxygenates the tank. You absolutely CAN NOT USE THIS METHOD IF YOU DON'T HAVE A GOOD SKIMMER. The increase in beneficial bacteria puts a big load on the O2 in the tank. Without a good skimmer the critters in your tank will suffocate.
—Guest Gene

Vodka method

Follow up Now in 5th month using one mil every 2nd day for 75 gal tank. no nitrates staying at zero. ,,,, Fish and Corals very healthy. Best thing I ever did had nitrate levels over 100 when I started.vodka is A lot cheaper and more effective than nitrate remover will continue to use. Best thing ever
—Guest Emory Kocher

It's works...

The key is that you have to have a skimmer. Nitrates are ZERO and they were 8 just before we started the treatment 2 months ago and it was at at zero within a few weeks. Water is crystal clear.
—Guest The Keller's

Works for ME!

I have been using the Vodka Method for several years now, with good results, but the dosage requirement has increased steadily. I haven't noticed any nitrate issues in some time, and my demeaner has really improved. Next I am going to try it in my tank. My fish have seemed a little glum lately..........
—Guest mudman11

vodka method

I'm updating my results of vodka dosing and its working fine. I started dosing at 2ml in my 150g fowlr at the end of Feburary 2012. I slowly increased the dosage weekly 2-4ml. My nitrates started at about 100ppm and as of today its down to about 15ppm. So the vodka method does work as long as you monitor your dosage and give it time to work. Its not a miracle drug that works overnight.
—Guest deck

Wow 1 day in

I tried the vodka method yesterday. After one day I already see an improvement. My protein skimmer is already half full. I can't wait to see what it will look like in 2 days. (Ciroc) 12 drops on a 55 gl tank.
—Guest Howi


Vodka method is useless for NO3 and PO4. All it does is add simple sugars for beneficial bacterial growth.
—Guest Ian

Vodka , bad results.

Everything died in the tank. It worked fr a short period of time , then the turned cloudy and smelled and the fish and snails died first.
—Guest Carll

What kind of Vodka

Will someone please be so nice to give me a name of Vodka that works ! i've tried but NO3 level still at 60ppm - please mail me christodew@yahoo.com
—Guest Christo

Vodka hmm

I tried the Vodka method but and both the fish and I ended up drunk, So not good at all...
—Guest Rem

Vodka method

I have tried the vodka dosing method to lower nitrates/phosphates in 3 of my tanks. 2 of them are fish only systems and it seems to have little effect on the nitrates/phosphates, and more of an effect on the inhabitants. My 3rd tank however, is a reef setup, and in a matter of a couple months the nitrates and phosphates aren't detectable.
—Guest Cody

Vodka method

Follow up. Used vodka 3 months now nitrates still at zero.'' Fish and plants and corals doing great. Very happy I tried vodka. Thank you
—Guest Emory Kocher

Does this work on fresh water tanks

Does this work on fresh water tanks without a skimmer? Seems the skimmer might be needed to get rid of the alcohol? Anyone?
—Guest Freshwater Mama

Tried the Vodka Method?

Have You Tried the "Vodka Method"?

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