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Readers Respond: Have You Tried the "Vodka Method"?

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What is the Vodka Method?

I have no idea what this entails. I would suggest perhaps it is cocktails after tank cleaning sessions

Vodka method

I have tried this method on my 125 gal tank this dropped my no3 levels from 60 ppm to 10 ppm in 3 days stopped dosing after no3 level dropped will update if no3 spikes again
—Guest Thomas

day one!

I am doing this in both my reef and fish only tank. Reef tank has skimmer fish tank has none. I will test on day three. Yesterday when I tested I did not write them down. Reef tank was just a little up , fish tank Omg it was freaking me out. Fish are looking fine but I'm not. I just adopted the fish only yesterday.
—Guest miles

Starting to work

Been dosing gradually for 10 weeks now. No ill effects on fish or corals/inverts but very slow process for reducing my nitrates (phosphartes remain the same). I test every few days and my tank with the highest nitrates is the most difficult to reduce without significant water changes.

... But be carefull

I've too tried the method. But after three days a lot of fishes got sick with all kinds of bacterias! So I stopped the Vodka and started the medicin instead! Becouse of using the medicin, I should turn off the UV , that created several problems! Now I don't have a real answer and I'm not using Vodka again!
—Guest kia26000

it works

hey I've been using vodka for about a month 3 ml a day everyday ,,, no nitrates ,no ammonia , but my phosphates at still very high which i hope drops soon heaps of corral at risk and all my hair algae is gone.
—Guest mattyg


I tried dry Vodka method about 6 month back as per your recoomendation but at that time you never mention what qty should we dose. mine is 350 galon tank at that time i added almost 50 ml of vodka and within 24 hour I lost all the fish and other ornaments. so i reqest you plz advise properly with proper guid line . so that people should take care of losses in future.
—Guest satish katyarmal

Starting the Process!!!

Today is Day1 with 151 Vodca, i'm lowing the daily amount do to the proof. Reduced to 6drops to start with. Will post in a week on stats and results. NO3=30ppm PO4=25ppm
—Guest Dtech07

Hard to say Yes or No...

Not sure if it works or not. I just broke a new test kit, and my nitrates dropped like a stone. Could be I had a bad kit. I don't know it would have worked its miracle in only one week between tests. I will say the amount of algae growth has slowed on the rocks, but I still have about the same on the glass. Different algae, I know...

Vodka Method Worked Great

I had a hair algae problem that I fought for about a year. It got progressively worse and I considered taking drastic measures. Part of the problem was that I could never get sustained NO3 levels less than 20 ppm. I started the Vodka method (0.5 ml per day for 30 gallons). Three weeks later; NO3 level 0 and algae dying off. My protein skimmer went nuts for a week. Now my tank looks great. I'll probably taper off the Vodka and see what happens. I've only been on the Vodka method for about 2 months so I don't know what the long term effects may be.
—Guest Scott


I've done the vodka routine,it's very effective ,not to mention that it's cheap great results,nitrate is near zero ,phosphate is hardly noticeable it's a great tool
—Guest Donnny d


I've noticed a bigger effect on nitrates but it still has an effect on pH
—Guest Aquacorps.net

hmmm you know

in our country "iran" vodka or these stufss are not illigal and better to say that these are not exist in here i wish we made it to the better one i like your web site and learns things tnx and my water color changes into yellow what can i do? if some one answers me on email i'll bethankfull tnx and bye
—Guest armin

vodka does work but be careful

Make sure when you dose with vodka that you follow dosing amounts very precise because massive crashes can happen :(
—Guest jonny

Yes I use vodka

Hi I purchased an Aquaripure filter with some trepidation about a month ago. It too requires you to inject about 15 mL of vodka every 4-7 days in to the aquaripure filter so that the anaerobic bacteria have food. So far it seems to be working. My nitrate levels have dropped down to 10ppm (were up to almost 40 ppm) and the amount of algae has dropped too. The effluent has a really strong sulfuric smell and they recommend having the effluent be in an area with really strong water flow. Skimmer also increased production too. Aside from live rock and corals there is no other filtration on my tank and it seems to be doing much better than the bio-balls
—Guest Amanda Banerji

Vodka method it works!

I have tried the vodka method when I had hair algae so bad my boss wanted to toss the tank. It worked so well I now only need 4 snails in our 90 gallon tank and it gets vodka every other day instead of every day. I would definitely recommend it. I used the cheap stuff
—Guest Kim
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