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Wrasse & Hogfish Pictures

Browse to enjoy and identify saltwater Wrasses and related Hogfishes through this gallery of Wrasse and Hogfish species photos and pictures, most of which include name and often some profile information with the images.
  1. Wrasse & Hogfish Profiles

Pictures, Photos and Images of Wrasse Fish
Wrasses are beautiful fish which seem to be quickly forgotten when stocking a saltwater aquarium. Here are outstanding photos, pictures and images of Wrasses, some of which you will seldom see in an aquarium.

Fivestripe Wrasse
Seldom seen in the aquarium trade, the Fivestripe Wrasse (Thalassoma quinquevittatum) is a very colorful fish which will attain a length of about 5" when full grown.

Male Christmas Wtasse
The aptly named male Christmas Wrasse (Thalassoma trilobatum) is fairly common in shallow water in Hawaii. Fairly common in the aquarium trade, it will attain a length of about 12".

Female Christmas Wrasse
The colors of the female Christmas Wrasse (Thalassoma trilobatum) are somewhat muted compared to the male of the species, but it is still a beautiful fish.

Female Pencil Wrasse
The female Pencil (or Smalltail) Wrasse (Pseudojuloides cerasinus) is a vibrant red fish which attains about 5" in length and is available in the aquarium trade.

Male Pencil Wrasse
The male Pencil Wrasse (Pseudojuloides cerasinus) is brilliant green and yellow in color and makes an excellent addition to almost any tank.

Male Psychedelic Wrasse
The Redtail or Psychedelic Wrasse (Anampses chrysocephalus) is endemic to Hawaii and somewhat rare in the aquarium trade. The riotous colors on the head of the male of this species make it quite a conversation piece.

Female Redtail Wrasse
The female Redtail or Psychedelic Wrasse (Anampses chrysocephalus) has a distinctive red tail behind the black and white polka dot body.

Remmy's Banana Wrasse
Remmy's photo of a Banana Wrasse (Helichoeres chrysus) in a 100 gallon community fish tank.

Bird Wrasse Fish Pictures
These Bird Wrasse fish pictures show how easy it is to identify and sex Bird Wrasses. The common name of Bird Wrasse comes from their distinctive beak-like snout. Males are green, and thus called Green Birds. Being half dark brown to black in color and half white, females are named Brown or Black Bird Wrasses.

Black and White Wrasse Fish Pictures
A collectin of Black and White Wrasse fish (Coris flavovittata) pictures that show what this fish looks throughout its many phases of life as a juvenile, sub-adult, and very different in appearance adult males and adult females.

Keoki's Dragon Wrasse
Keoki's outstanding close up photo of an adult Dragon Wrasse.

Keoki's Juvenile Dragon Wrasse
Keoki's remarkable close up photo of an juvenile Dragon Wrasse.

Sammi's Sixline Wrasse
Sammi Baker's photo of his Sixline Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) in his 29g tank.

Jimmy's Harlequin Tusk Wrasse and Koran Angel
A picture from Jimmy Philips' of his Harlequin Tusk Wrasse (Choerodon fasciata) and Koran Angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus).

Heidi's Tri-Colored Fairy Wrasse
Photo from Heidi Diener's of her Tri-Colored, Redheaded or Solar Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus solorensis).

Yellowtail Coris Wrasse Fish Pictures
This collection of Yellowtail Coris Wrasse fish pictures show what Yellowtail Coris Wrasses look like at various stages in their lives, from the tiny to older red juvenile phase, to the more colorful sub-adults, and finally full grown adult males and females.

Gary's Yellowtail Coris Wrasse
Gary Harmon's photo of his Yellowtail Coris Wrasse (Coris gaimard), which he keeps in his 125g tank with "Moorish Idol, Eightline Wrasse, Ornate Wrasse, Saddleback Butterflyfish, Naso Tang, Painted Parrotfish, Arc-eye Hawkfish, Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby & Hermit Crab.

Todd's Yellowtail Coris Wrasse
Todd Gunderson's photo of his Yellowtail Coris Wrasse (Coris gaimard), submitted for entry in an About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contest.

Guide Wrasse Fish Profiles Index
Through this index of Wrasse species profiles from your Guides you can view photos as well as read identification, characteristics, compatibility, feeding and more information about the captive care of these fishes in aquariums.

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