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Virtual Desktop Aquariums Software Programs

These virtual aquarium and sea life theme desktop software programs can be downloaded for free or used on a trial basis. Aside from being fun, a virtual desktop aquarium is a great tool to teach anyone how to care for a fish aquarium, before actually buying one.


MOPyfish is a virtual pet fish desktop program that was designed by Hewlett-Packard in 1998, which has grown since then. Piscenus Mopei Floataneus thrives on computer interaction and gains its unique personality from the way you treat it. It's up to you to feed, play with, and care for MOPY, otherwise it may sulk, fall ill, or even die just like real fish do!

Sherman's Lagoon Desktop Freeware

From Jim Toomey's Sherman's Lagoon Comic Strip Freeware, download the complete Sherman's Lagoon character desktop theme for Windows, as well Mac, Windows and OS2 Icon Galleries to use them as a file icon on your computer desktop.

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