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Top Pick Fish and Invertebrate Care Books

The Best Guides to Keeping Saltwater Aquarium Fishes and Invertebrates


Before buying fish, corals and other invertebrates to put into a basic saltwater or a reef aquarium, it is vital to the well being of each animal that you know everything about them first. Read reviews and compare prices on these Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Invertebrate Care Books chosen by your About.com Guides as some of the best identification, profile and captive aquarium care guides for any saltwater hobbyist to have in their reference library. Aquarium books also make terrific gifts.

"Aquarium Corals"

Author: Eric H. Borneman
Photo courtesy of Microcosm Books
"Aquarium Corals: Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History" is an authoritative and comprehensive guide by Eric H. Borneman that is packed full of everything you want to know about corals, both how they live in nature, and how to take care of them in a marine aquarium. Along with hard corals it includes a diversity of soft corals, as well as popular and rare large-polyp and small-polyp stony corals. The full-color pictures contained in this top pick coral profile and care publication are without a doubt quite spectacular.

"Aquarium Sharks & Rays"

Author: Scott W. Michael
Photo courtesy of Microcosm Books
Once again Scott W. Michael has done an outstanding job! For anyone that wants to know about these sharklike fishes, "Aquarium Sharks & Rays: An Essential Guide to Their Selection, Keeping, and Natural History" is a must have book for your reference library. It provides complete and comprehensive coverage on the nature of all species of sharks and rays, from their natural habitats on the reefs, to their captive care and breeding in a marine aquarium. The shark and ray photographs included in this book are truly works of art.

"Baensch Marine Atlas 1"

Photo courtesy of Microcosm Books
This great atlas by Hans A. Baensch and Helmut Debelius is a valuable source of information, especially for the new reef hobbyist. "Baensch Marine Atlas 1: The Joint Aquarium Care of Invertebrates and Tropical Marine Fishes" begins by covering all the functioning aspects of setting up and maintaining a reef aquarium, then profiles selecting and caring for Invertebrates, Sea Anemones and Crustaceans, and finishes up by profiling 600 marine fish species. Over 1,000 full color photos are included.

Important Buying Tip: Be careful when ordering any three of these atlases online. The overall name Baensch Marine Atlas will often show up in the title search results, but no picture or volume number is given, and you can easily get the wrong book.

"Baensch Marine Atlas 2"

Photo courtesy of Microcosm Books
Continuing on with the same high quality of "Atlas 1" above, "Baensch Marine Atlas 2: Marine Invertebrates Identification and Care" covers the following groups of invertebrates: Common Sponges, Hydroids, Jellyfishes, Soft Corals, Gorgonians, Sea Pens, Stony Corals, Flatworms, Tentacled Animals, Molluscs - Chitons, Snails, Opisthobranchs (Sea Slugs), and Nudibranchs. More than 670 full color photos are included.

"Baensch Marine Atlas 3"

Photo courtesy of Microcosm Books
With more than 500 full color photos included in this book, "Baensch Marine Atlas 3" continues on where "Atlas 2" leaves off with more information on Molluscs - Filibranchs (Oysters, Scallops & Clams), followed by Cephalopods (Squids, Octopods, etc.), Segmented Worms, Echinoderms (Starfishes, Sea Urchins), Sea Cucumbers and Sea Squirts.

"Book of Coral Propagation - Volume 1"

Photo by PriceGrabber
Don Carner gives a full review on this very thorough approach to coral farming in your own aquarium publication. "Book of Coral Propagation - Volume 1: Reef Gardening for Aquarists" authored by Anthony Rosario Calfo is in Don's words, "Recommended 100%".

"Clownfishes - A Guide to Their Captive Care, Breeding and Natural History"

Photo by PriceGrabber
Being one of the pioneers in the field of breeding these adorable and much-loved fish in captivity, with "Clownfishes - A Guide to Their Captive Care, Breeding and Natural History", Joyce D. Wilkerson has taken her expertise and created what is considered by many to be the first popular handbook on the husbandry of these marine animals.

"Coral" Magazine

Photo by Coral Magazine
Coral is the world's leading reef and marine aquarium magazine, read by beginning aquarists and seasoned marine biologists alike. Coral focuses on reef species, awesome aquarium profiles, and hands-on secrets to keeping a thriving, stunningly beautiful reef aquarium.
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"How To Raise & Train Your Peppermint Shrimp"

Image from Lysmata Publishing
Authored by April Kirkendoll, this marine shrimp aquaculturing book is one we highly recommend for all aquarists. "How To Raise & Train Your Peppermint Shrimp - A Hobbyist's Guide To Raising Saltwater Aquarium Shrimp From Egg To Adult" is well organized, taking you in logical and simple to understand steps to breed, raise, and feed Peppermint, as well as other shrimp species.

"Marine Aquarium Handbook: Beginner to Breeding"

Marine Aquarium Handbook - Beginner to Breeder by Martin A. Moe Image
Photo by PriceGrabber
Recommended For - Beginners and intermediate level aquarists.

By Martin A. Moe, this book was updated and re-published in 2008. It covers in detail all the aspects of setting up, stocking, and maintaining a fish-only aquarium in this day and age. We highly recommend The Marine Aquarium Handbook: Beginner to Breeder as a valuable asset for any beginner or intermediate level aquarists to have in their reference library.

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