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"Nemo and Friends" 10g Mini-Reef Tank Picture

A Simple 10 Gallon Clownfish Mini-Reef Set Up Ready for Corals


This little "Nemo and Friends" 10 gallon mini-reef tank does not yet have corals, but it is set up with lights for soft corals, which can be added at any time.

Here's an example of how you can set up a little 10 gallon mini-reef tank. A small Nemo and Friends aquarium with reef lighting like this one is easy to put together, and doesn't really cost much at all.

Photo © Debbie and Stan Hauter
How much would it cost to set up a simple 10 gallon mini-reef tank with clownfishes just like this one? Find out.

Smaller tanks make great Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects. They are fun, easy, inexpensive and go together quickly. Just modify the DIY 55g Glass Aquarium Plans to meet your needs. There are a number of Canister and Power Filters and Mini/Nano Reef Tank Lights which will allow you to keep corals in your new tank.

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