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Saltwater Aquarium Setup in 10 Easy Steps


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Install System Lighting
Saltwater Aquarium Setup in 10 Easy Steps

Install the Tank Lights

Photo by Stan & Debbie Hauter
While your tank water water is clearing, it's a good time to install your system lighting.

The lighting requirements for a Fish Only (FO) tank are fairly flexible. The day/night periods can be adjusted to suit your lifestyle but still giving your tank critters at least 8 hours of darkness so they can sleep. Light timers are a good investment as they will turn the lights on and off at a predetermined time every day.

If you plan to add corals to your tank at some point, you will probably want to invest in Reef Tank Lighting when you set up your tank. Reef Tank lighting requirements are much higher than Fish Only tanks as the corals need a specific photo period as well as specific a light spectrum.

Mount your lighting fixture either on top of the tank or inside hood and plug it into the appropriate outlet in your light timer. Set the electronic or mechanical trippers in the timer for the appropriate times. Turn the lights on and you can sit back and enjoy your tank.

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