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Top Aquarium Equipment and Product Picks


Top saltwater aquarium equipment and product picks, including filters, aquariums, protein skimmers, books, gifts, medications, food and feeders, and water treatments. Review products and compare prices from leading suppliers.


HQI Nano Cube
From mini/micro reef tanks to the larger display tanks here are the manufactured aquarium which are available on the market today. Read reviews and compare prices to find the best system for you.


Aqualight Pro
From VHO fluorescents to Power Compacts and Metal Halides, here are the tank lighting systems you have been looking for. Compare Prices of leading suppliers on:


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Every saltwater aquarium needs a good filtration system. Biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Protein Skimmers

Fission Recirculating Skimmer
Protein skimmers do a great job of "getting the gunk out" of your tank water before it is passed through the biological filter.

Misc. Equipment

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Powerheads and heaters are essential equipment for reef aquariums. Overflows allow you to take advantage of a sump without drilling the tank.

Water Treatments & Conditioners

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Conditioners and supplements help keep your aquarium water within the right parameters for a healthy tank and its occupants.

Automatic Feeders, Foods & Vitamins

Automatic feeders make sure that your tank critters are getting the right amount of food every day on a regular schedule.

Fish & Invertebrate Foods


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When a problem arises, having the right treatment on hand goes a log ways towards a rapid and complete cure.

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