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Browse these online aquaria store listings to shop around, or go to any one of the specific type livestock categories provided to more quickly locate what you are specifically looking to buy for your saltwater aquarium system.
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Buying-Selecting Livestock Help

Review of "Cebu Mactan Quality Marine Aquarium Fish" in the Philippine
Charles Raabe visited "Cebu Mactan Quality Marine Aquarium Fish", a collector and shipper of tropical fish on Mactan Island in the Philippines. What he found was very interesting.

At AquaCon you'll find 600 marine life specimens, including Fish, Corals, Anemones, Crustaceans, and Inverts. Click on any blue "Linked" item number to see a picture, and a brief history that includes region, and compatibility info.

eTropicals.com offers a hugh list of Marine Fish, Inverts, Corals and more.  Includes a nice pop-up photo view feature if the species name is link highlighted.

Imagine Ocean Aquarium Services Inc.
A retail store located in Canton, Georgia, Imagine Ocean will only purchase livestock from ethical and reputable wholesalers, supports captive propagation of livestock when possible, and upholds the highest standard of husbandry when it comes to livstock care. Check out their Weekly Highlights and even fill out their Place A Special Order form to inquire about hard-to-find livestock.

Indo-Pacific Sea Farms
WOW, what a site!  In Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, they offer so many GREAT aquacultured and captive bred items it's too hard to list them here.  Take a look for yourself!!!

Jeff's Exotic Fish
At Jeff's Exotic Fish you'll find a great selection of Marine Fishes, Corals, Inverts, Live Rock & Sand, Reef Janitors, and Clams.  The majority of the species listed have clickable photo views.

Sponsored by Drs. Foster & Smith, choose any one of the marine, freshwater, brackish, or pond categories from the Fish menu and browse away. This company has quite a selection of livestock!

Located in Sugarload Key, Florida, their motto is buy direct from the Diver and SAVE! Reeftopia offers Algae Control Critters, Sand Stirrers, Marine Fish, Gorgonians & Sponges, Live Rock & Sand, and more, all guaranteed!

At the Saltwaterfish.com site, you'll find a HUGH list of Marine Fishes, Corals and Inverts to pick from, with easy on-line ordering.  A great site for marine animal care information as well!

The Pet Stop
At The Pet Stop you'll find a great selection of Marine Fishes, Corals, Inverts, Live Rock & Sand. If you are looking for some very rare and exotic specimens, this is the place to start.

Tropicorium has a wide variety of marine livestock to choose from, selling both Retail and Wholesale.

Ultimate Discount Aquatics
Said by some to be "a pleasant little online retailer in bonnie Scotland, serving the UK." A quick cruise through this site will convince you that, if they don't have it, you don't need it.

Underwater World
Underwater World, located in the Los Angeles, California, is a Wholesaler of exotic and rare marine fish, corals and inverts, that sells only to Retail Stores.  Email them for more information and inquiries.

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