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Can I use ocean water (Natural Sea Water or NSR) in my aquarium?



Q: Can I use ocean water (Natural Sea Water or NSR) in my aquarium?

A: If you have access to clean ocean water (NSR or Natural Sea Water) to put in your saltwater aquarium, by all means use it. Dissolved trace minerals and salinity may vary slightly by area, but since natural sea water is what marine animals live in, it can often be a better source than using fresh tap water and a commercial salt mix to make up solutions, which can be time consuming and costly.

When deciding to use ocean water, just be sure to collect it away from freshwater river and stream run-off areas, especially if they are near chemical plants, factories, and animal or agricultural farms where the water may contain toxins, or when fuels are present in places such as around boat docks and high traffic harbors.

If you do not have access to ocean water, did you know that there are some public aquariums and water companies where you can buy filtered sea water?

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