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Browse to find sea life theme clip art, bars, buttons, borders, backgrounds, other marine related graphics and pictures to add to your personal or commerical saltwater aquaria Web pages, as well as have fun and learn about our oceans and the life in them through the many other categories listed here.

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About Animation
To learn about creating, using, and all the other aspects of this topic, visit the About Computing & Technology - Animation GuideSite.

About Computing & Technology
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About Graphics Software
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About Shareware/Freeware
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Animated & Still Frame Freshwater Fishes
From your About Freshwater Aquariums Guide, here are Shirlie Sharpe's own personally designed animated and still frame fish graphics. We know they're freshwater fish, but her kissing fishes and other Fishydance creations are quite fun and entertaining!

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Animated Clip Art Collection
From Fish Link Central, a small collection of animated bubbles, fish swimming and other miscellaneous images.

Animated Dolphins & Whales
From the Animation Library, a site featuring over 13,754 free animations for you to use on your website or send as digital postcards using their powerful Postcard Station, here is a very large collection of animated Dolphins and Whales from their Animals Categories.

Animated Fish
From the Animation Library's Animals Categories Index, here is a collection of 100+ animated images of playful, partying, cartoon style, realistic, and many other types of Fish.

Animated Marine Animals
At the Animation Factory you can download top quality sample animations free for personal use only. With just a few marine life images in the "Animals" category (a seahorse, clam, blue whale, shark, and bigfish), you can click on the many other categories listed to browse the 3,000 free animated GIFs available, or get access to all 150,000+ animations by becoming a member.

Animated Marine Life Clip Art Collection
From the Clip Art Warehouse, this collection of marine life animated gifs do not include descriptions of what they are. You have to click on the texted link to view each one, and a lot of them you may have already seen in other collections, but hey, you may discover something new.

Animated Penguins
From the Animation Library's Animals Categories Index, here is a nice collection of fun and entertaining animated Penquins.

Animated Seals & Walruses
From the Animation Library's Animals Categories Index, a small but nice collection of animated Seals and Walruses playing with and balancing balls, blinking their eyes, swimming and doing other things.

Animated Sharks
From the Animation Library's Animals Categories Index, here is a collection of animated Sharks.

Buttons, Bars & Dividers: Aquatic Plants
The aquatic plant imaged buttons, bars and dividers from The Age of Aquariums clip art collection, even though freshwater related, can be applied to saltwater Web sites quite easily.

Buttons: The Sea Collection
From the High Aspirations Freebies page, just click on "The Sea Collection" link within the Index and you'll find a very nice collection of seahorse, starfish, dolphin and other sea imaged individual and button sets to download for free. The "Free Graphics Main" link gives information on their usage request.

Cheryl's Fish Gifs
From Art By Cheryl, two pages of nice small fish gifs she has created for you to use free on your personal or commercial Web sites, as long as you follow the Acceptable Use Policy.

Debbi's Tropical Nights Web Designs
At Debbi Rapp's Tropical Nights Web Design site, you'll find lots of water and marine related web graphic images throughout all of her island inspired line and bar, background, button, clip art, coordinated set, and other design categories.

Debbie & Stan's Saltwater Clip Art Collection
This collection of saltwater animal, aquarium and ocean related computerized, watercolor and photo imaged clip art works are original creations of Debbie and Stan Hauter, your About Guides to Saltwater Aquariums, and are Free to copy and use on your personal Web site.

Fiona's Shark Mania Clip Art
If you are looking for sharks, Fiona's Shark Mania Clip Art page is the place to go! Her animated shark is one of our absolute favorites, and you'll find much more about sharks on her Web site as well.

Fish & Sea Creature Clip Art
From freeclipartpictures.com, in the "Fish" category you'll find 2 pages that include images of various types of fish like tangs, triggers and clownfishes, and in the "Sea Creatures" category, animals like sharks, crabs, turtles and starfishes. Free for download, but you do have to register first.

Fish/Water Clip Art Collection
From the Clips Ahoy Animals category, here is a large collection of all types of fish and water related clip art images.

Free Site Link Banners & Buttons
Spread the word! Copy and place any of these FREE About Saltwater Aquariums graphic link banners and buttons on your saltwater aquaria Web pages to let others know we are here.

Hawaiian Fish Web Clip Art
From your About Guide to Web Clip Art, Bobbie Peachey shares her impressions of creative Hawaiian fish in various styles, sizes and colors, as well as water containers, gourd masks, and Aloha text headers and titles.

Marine Clip Art Collection
From Graphx Kingdom, here are three pages of small sized images to look through to find all sorts of sea life and marine related clip art.

Maryann Sterling's Fish Art
Once on Maryann Sterling's Art Home Page, read the usage guidelines first, then go to her "Fish" category and you'll find lots of fresh and saltwater fishes displayed in alphabetical order by the names given the images. Nice collection!

RoyceArt Sea Life Buttons
Designed by Royce B. McClure, these fun and colorful Clownfish, playful Dolphin, striped Humbug fish and other animal buttons may be used free on your own Web pages, if the copyright rules are followed.

Salty Stories
Here is a collection of fun and entertaining fishy, shark, and other types of saltwater tales, many of which were written by Debbie & Stan Hauter, your About Guides to Saltwater Aquariums, and includes submissions by other hobbyists for publication on this site.

ScubaMom's Icons & Animations
From ScubaMom Lynn McKamey's Website, fish, seahorses, shells, divers, and lined tropical scenes are just a few of the many fun and colorful marine life and scuba related icons and animated images that Scubamom has created that you can save and use on your personal home pages.

Sea Animal Graphic Clip Art
Just click on the "Animal" category from the Designed to a T Clip Art Index to find fun graphic designed images of a shark with sunglasses, a jumping dolphin, a smiling lobster and a silly fish, along with cow, pig, cat, dog and other animal images.

Sea Graphics & Animations
From 4YEO (For Your Eyes Only), this is quite a site! On this page you'll find silhouetted still and revolving dolphins, crabs, shells, and more! Be sure to check out their Home Page with almost 5,000 images to use FREE.

Seahorse Clip Art
From the Seahorse Park site, their Multimedia Gallery page with three sets of spunky Seahorse graphic and photo images. The terms of use are displayed on the page.

Sea Life Cartoon Clips
From Prodraw Graphics, labeled as Hydrobios, this collection of pastel colored cartoon style clip art images has lobsters, stingrays, seahorses, and a few other assorted sea animals in it. Free for use, but be sure to read the "Terms of Use" for specifics before downloading anything.

Seaside Backgrounds
Here are colorful background templates from Windy's Design Studio. The designs included two different shells, a school of fish, a fish in a bowl, a seahorse, starfish, crab, lobster, and a seal, as well as a couple of sailboats and an anchor.

Sherman's Lagoon Freeware
Jim Toomey gives you Sherman's Lagoon Freeware graphic link images, Screensavers & Icons for Mac and Windows users, and more.

Wizard of Draws' Graphic Treasury
In Jeff Bucchino's complete collection of cartoon graphics you'll find a surprised expressioned diver, happy jumping fish, red-headed mermaid sitting on a rock looking in a mirror, seal with fish and ball, and many other water related characters. Cruise and see what you can find. It's a fun place to visit!

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