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Host Sea Anemone Survivability Survey


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Host Sea Anemone Survivability Survey
Host Sea Anemone Survivability Survey
Steve Whitt
Over the years, the knowledge of how to maintain even "difficult" corals in an aquarium has expanded dramatically. Unfortunately, the knowledge of what it takes to maintain anemones for any length of time in an aquarium have not kept pace. To be sure, progress is being made, but keeping an anemone in an aquarium for any length of time is still a serious challenge for most aquarists.

Many aquarists desire to experience the Clownfish/Anemone relationship in their own tanks. In their haste, many try to simply add an Anemone to their Fish Only or Fish Only With Live Rock tank in the belief that the anemone will do well. All too often, the advice given to new anemone owners is: "give them some light, an occasional piece of shrimp and they'll do fine." Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster.

In early 2009, the Host Sea Anemone Survey was undertaken. Over 100 current or previous owners of various species of Sea Anemones responded.

As with previous studies, this study found no "silver bullet" which guaranteed success with anemones. There were a number of significant items of interest, however. It appears that the Frequency of Feeding has an influence on the anemone's health and longevity.

The Intensity & Duration of Light per Day which the anemones received was also significant. One might think that the longer the light period, the better the anemone would do, but this was not always the case.

One area that seem to indicate a definite trend in the information is the Tank Temperature vs. Anemone Survivability results. It would seem that the popular advice for tank temperatures for anemones is little more than a myth.

The Water Source results were more than a bit interesting, even though, due to the small sampling size of one of the sources, they can't be considered conclusive.

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