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Ways to Eliminate Aiptasia Anemones

Chemical and Liquid Solution Injections


Hawaiian species Aiptasia pulchella Anemones

Hawaiian species Aiptasia pulchella Anemones

Photo by Debbie Hauter
One way to kill and get rid of prolific and pesky aiptasia sea anemones in a saltwater aquarium is by means of injecting them with any of the following chemical or liquid solutions. When using this method, for the best results you should inject the solution of choice directly into the stem of the anemone with a needle and syringe. If working with a caustic chemical, it is wise to wear protective eye goggles and gloves as a precaution.

  • Bottled Lemon Juice Concentrate

  • After some experimentation we discovered this liquid gave us immediate results. It is a reef tank safe, effective, and easy procedure that costs only pennies to perform. Just follow these simple instructions on how to eliminate aiptasia with lemon juice injections, which includes our before and after comparison photos so you can visually see our results.

  • Calcium Hydroxide

  • Injecting aiptasia with calcium hydroxide (kalkwasser) in a concentrated solution is one of the most common methods used. The consensus we get on this method is that is does work, but is not very efficiently unless done properly. The kill rate is low if the anemone is not directly injected with it and if the solution is not strong enough. Another problem is that if you try to kill too many aiptasia at once, it can cause a problem with the pH level in your tank by adding too much CAOH2 at one time.

  • Sodium Hydroxide

  • When using this chemical for injection it can be mixed strong enough for a certain kill. Beware, there is a WARNING with this one. When mixed in a concentrated solution it can remove the skin from your hands or other body parts. Removing the rock from the tank and dribbling the sodium hydroxide solution over the anemone it gave 100% mortality rate. When having to get to an anemone that had it's foot embedded in a crevice, the mortality rate was only about 50%. This was due to having to guess where to put the solution and if the target was not right on.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • When injected straight out of the bottle into Aiptasia kills it fairly quickly.

  • Hot Water

  • This method does not work very well, and your chances are pretty slim of it helping to get rid of the aiptasia.

  • Bleach and Copper Sulfate
    We have seen these liquid chemicals suggested, and we say NO WAY. ARE YOU KIDDING!!

    Now if the thought of using chemical or liquid solutions in your system makes you cringe, how about adding a natural aiptasia anemone eating fish, shrimp, or nudibranch to your tank, or trying an OTC remedy?

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