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Sea Anemone Profiles

Here is a collection Sea Anemone family and species profile and facts, information and photo resources along with captive aquarium care information to learn about pesky Aiptasia, Clown/Anemonefish Host, Tube and many other types of Sea Anemones, most of which are stinging animals.
  1. Aiptasia Anemones
  2. Clown/Anemonefish Profiles
  3. What To Do If You Get Stung
  4. Sea Anemone Photos

Ways to Eliminate Aiptasia Anemones
Aiptasia anemones, while beautiful to many marine aquarists, can be a definite nuisance due to their ability to reproduce rapidly. A single Aiptasia anemone can multiply at a rate which will overrun a reef tank in a short period of time, killing off corals, fish and invertebrates. There are a number of proven methods to control aiptasia anemones...

Facts and Information About the Hawaiian Mann's Anemone
Facts and Information About the Hawaiian Mann's Anemone (Cladactella manni).

Host Sea Anemone Survivability Survey
The results of the Host Sea Anemone Survivability Survey are displayed and explained. From the years of experience of the aquarists to the number of feedings per month. A number of variables are studied and explained, some of which revealed significant affects on the survivability of sea anemones in captivity.

Magnificent Sea Anemone Profile
A profile of the Magnificent Sea Anemone, including scientific name, a photo, description, methods of reproduction, foods preferred and the Clownfish which it will host.

Leathery Sebae Sea Anemone Profile
Information about the Leathery Sebae Sea Anemone (Heteractis crispa), including a photo, description, methods of reproduction, foods preferred and the Clownfish which it will host.

Clownfish and Their Host Sea Anemones
Sea anemones are not the easiest marine animals to keep alive in an aquarium. Over the years knowledge has been gained and there has been some long term success. Here is the information which will help you to keep a host anemone with its resident Clownfish alive and well for a number of years.

Haddon's Saddle Carpet Anemone Stichodactyla haddoni
Information about the Haddon's or Saddle Carpet Sea Anemone Stichodactyla haddoni, including feeding and aquarium compatibility, description, hosted Clownfish, and other common names.

Sea Anemone Facts & Information
Facts and information about a number of Sea Anemones. The profiles include photos, captive care information, Clownfish which they host and more.

Host Anemone & Clownfish Matches
Based on the natural symbiotic relationships between clownfishes and sea anemones in the wild, this cross-reference chart can help with choosing the "preferred" host anemone for your clownfishes in captivity, and vice versa.

Corkscrew Tentacle or Long Tentacle Sea Anemone
Information about the Corkscrew Tentacle - Long Tentacle Anemone (Marcodactyla doreensis), including scientific name, description, methods of reproduction, foods preferred and Clownfish which it will host.

Bulb Tip, Bubble Tip, Rose or Maroon Sea Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)
A profile of the Bulb Tip, Bubble Tip, Rose or Maroon Sea Anemone, Entacmaea quadricolor including scientific name, description, methods of reproduction, foods preferred and Clownfish which it will host.

Hawaiian Mann's Anemone Profile
An invertebrate profile from your Guides on the delicate Hawaiian Mann's or Maroon Sea Anemone (Cladactella manni) to learn about its identification, characteristics, habitat, and more. Photos are included.

Aiptasia Anemone Profile
Aiptasia Anemone Profile - Most aquarists consider the Aiptasia Anemone to be an unwanted pest in their aquariums. Once Aiptasia gain a foothold in your tank, they can be tough to get rid of. Here is a short course on what Aiptasia are,...

Sea Anemones Profiled
From the "Field Guide to Anemone Fishes and Their Host Sea Anemones" online book site, read Chapter 1: Sea Anemones for classification, identification, and individual species profiles to learn more about them and their host clownfishes. Photos included.

Clownfish Host Anemones Profiled
From the AMDA Handouts page, John Tulluck summarizes nine species of Clownfish Host Anemones listed in order from the hardiest to the most difficult, naming which Clownfishes are most suitable with each type, and includes "Keeping Anemones" tips as well.

Heteractis Type Anemones Profiled
From NetPets, a nice series of articles by Albert Thiel that covers much about the identification, aquarium care, and more on Heteractis species Sea Anemones, which are quite common in the hobby and considered one of the most favorite Anemones aquarists seem to want in their aquariums.

Sea Anemones Profiled
From FINS, an article written by Phil C. Henderson that covers choosing, feeding, tips for ease or difficulty of species, and other general information about Sea Anemones.

Sea Anemones Profiled
From the Sea & Sky Reef Life section, at the bottom of page 3 of the Corals & Anemones pages you'll find a photos and general profile about the Club-Tipped Anemone, and going on to page 4 the Carpet, Purple Base, and Green Anemones.

Sea Anemones Taxonomic List
From the Alien Travel Guide's Science-Biology-Life-Kingdom Animalia Index, learn about the taxomonic lines of the 3 Sub-Orders and the many Tribes, Sub-Tribes, Families, Genera and Species of Sea Anemones in the Order Actiniaria, found within the Subclass Zoantharia - Class Anthozoa - Phylum Cnidaria.

Tube Anemones Profiled
From NetPets, an exchange from Albert Thiel in response to an inquiry about Cerianthid (Tube) Anemones and how they function.

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