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DIY Refugium Plans & Setups


Here is information about setting up a refugium for your saltwater aquarium, which is a safe haven for sessile inverts and other delicate species, and a place to cultivate macroalgae and live foods such as copepods and amphipods.

Refugiums in Saltwater Aquariums

CPR CITR Hang-In-Tank Refugium
Photo by PriceGrabber
Refugiums have been found to be an excellent platform for cultivating food sources (amphipods, copepods and macroalgae) in a separate but still attached system.

There are 3 types of refugiums: Hang-In-Tank, Hang-On-Tank and Sump (Under-Tank) style refugiums. Each type of refugium has its own pros and cons.

Building A Refugium

Don Carner

Don Carner explains what a refugium is, how to plumb and put one together, what lighting to use and what you can place inside of it.

DIY Hang-In-Tank Refugium

Here is a simple DIY Hang-In-Tank Refugium that really works. Constructed of single strength glass, it is built the same as a DIY aquarium.

DIY Acrylic Refugium

If you have been thinking about building an acrylic aquarium, but thought that acrylics were to hard to work with, here is the perfect project for you. Building this Hang In/On Tank Refugium (use for Mangroves, Algae, or a 'Pod Farm) will give you the experience and confidence you will need to build that acrylic tank you have always wanted. Complete with parts list, instructions and photos.

Top Refugiums for Saltwater Aquariums

CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium
Photo by PriceGrabber
Top refugiums for saltwater aquariums. Refugiums are great add-ons for saltwater aquariums. Refugiums can be used to cultivate nutritious algae for your herbivores or amphipods/copepods for the Mandarinfish and other picky eaters.

Refugiums come in three varieties: Hang-On Tank, Hang-In Tank and Under-Tank or Sump refugiums.

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