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DIY Acrylic Refugium


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DIY Acrylic Refugium
DIY Acrylic Refugium

Acrylic Refugium with Mangroves

Stan Hauter
Refugiums are a terrific new addition to saltwater aquarium systems. Refugiums can be used to hold a myriad of things, including nitrate reducing Mangroves and Algae as well as 'Pod Farms for cultivating Amphipods and Copepods. The Hang on and Hang In Tank type refugiums are the most popular due to their ease of installation and simple or no plumbing requirements.

Here is a photo of a small (4" X 6" X 8" high) acrylic Hang On Tank refugium with Mangrove seedlings, being used to reduce nitrates, phosphates and other toxins in a 55g saltwater tank. The plumbing is simple: a siphon tube and a small plastic hose from the top of a powerhead. This refugium can be hung anywhere on the outside of a tank or sump. You can also drill some holes in it and hang it on the inside of a tank or sump, which requires no plumbing.

Refugiums can be constructed of glass, acrylic or just about anything else that will hold water, however here we are going to show you how to build a Hang In/On Tank Refugium using 3/16" Cell Cast Acrylic.

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