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Refugiums for Saltwater Aquarium Set Ups


Top refugiums for saltwater aquariums. Refugiums are great add-ons for saltwater aquariums. Refugiums can be used to cultivate nutritious algae for your herbivores or amphipods/copepods for the Mandarinfish and other picky eaters.

Refugiums come in three varieties: Hang-On Tank, Hang-In Tank and Under-Tank or Sump refugiums.

1. ADHI Refugium

ADHI Refugium
Photo by PriceGrabber

The ADHI Refugium includes a 1x32 watt Compact Fluorescent light for the Refugia area. The first compartment is 10" x 13.5", designed to fit most in-sump protein skimmers. Includes a 1" threaded inlet and outlet (for external return pump) and has an additional 3/4" threaded bulkhead for a submersible return pump. These cast acrylic refugiums are available in 4 sizes.

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2. CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium

CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium
Photo by PriceGrabber

The CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium is a hang-on model which comes with its own powerhead, and features a baffle system that prevents any disturbance to the substrate and aquatic organisms while promoting fresh water flow that eliminates stagnant areas. Available in three sizes.

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3. CPR CITR Hang-In-Tank Refugium

CPR CITR Hang-In-Tank Refugium
Photo by PriceGrabber
Constructed of durable acrylic, the CPR CITR In-Tank Refugium attaches to the inside of a tank via 4 suction cups. Available in 3 sizes and equiped with Rio powerhead for water circulation in and out of your main tank.
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4. DIY Refugium Plans & Setups

DIY Hang-On-Tank Refugium
Photo by Stan Hauter
Here is information about setting up a refugium for your saltwater aquarium, which is a safe haven for sessile inverts and other delicate species, and a place to cultivate macroalgae and live foods such as copepods and amphipods.

5. Eshopps Refugium Filters

Eshopps Refugium
Photo by PriceGrabber
The Eshopps Refugium Filters are two-in-one combos: allowing for the aquarist to combine two sumps into one. This allows you to create a refugium in one side, as you place your skimmer in the other. The possibilities for aquarium accessory hookup are endless inside this sump. Each one includes bio balls, a drip tray and filter pad, egg crate, light stand, 1" bulkhead and 3 ft. of 1" flex hose.
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6. Precision Marine Refugiums

Precision Marine Regugiums
Photo by PriceGrabber

The Precision Marine Refugiums are designed to be installed under an aquarium and are constructed of acrylic. These refugiums are available in 3 sizes. Each refugium comes complete with a Redline Protein Skimmer and return pump.

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7. Refugiums in Saltwater Aquariums

A refugium is nothing more than a refuge from predation. Sessile inverts, macroalgae and other delicate species need a place to call their own and the advent of the refugium was just the ticket! Isolated, but connected to the main display tank, the refugium allows for common water filtration while at the same time keeping more aggressive fish from impacting it. Refugiums have been found to be an excellent platform for cultivating food sources (amphipods, copepods and macroalgae) in a separate but still attached system.
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