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Aquarium Powerhead Water Circulation Pump Reviews

Powerheads are water pumps that provide beneficial circulation of the water in any aquarium. Read these reviews on some of the most popular fully submersible powerheads used in the saltwater aquarium hobby to learn more about as well as shop and compare prices on them.

Aquarium Systems Maxi-Jet Powerhead
Users have found that the Maxi-Jets are not only excellent units for any aquarium job, they are also one of the few units which can withstand the constant on/off strain of being used with a wavemaker.

AZoo Powerhead Review
Azoo's line of powerheads are fully submersible, inexpensive, come with a detachable air tube and are mounted to the tank/sump via suction cups. Each of the 5 different models comes with a venturi feature which allows for increased oxygen solubility.

Hagen Aquaclear Powerheads
The Hagen Aquaclear Powerheads are true workhorses. These are very well constructed, epoxy filled units which seem to last forever. Two of the models offer a reverse flow feature.

Hydor Koralia Water Circulation Pump Review
This line of powerheads is one we recommend, as we use the 4 model in our 92 gallon reef tank. Here you can read our review the Hydor Koralia Water Circulation Pump, as well as shop and compare prices on this product.

Penguin Powerhead
The Penguin Powerheads are well known in the industry as being well built units which will give many years of good use. With the use of the sponge filter, and the addition of the optional reverse flow feature, these units will drive a UGF system, allowing only filtered water to enter the gravel.

Powersweep Powerheads
The Powersweep Powerheads automatic rotating powerheads, requiring no extra electronics, these units are the most inexpensive wavemakers available. Although users reported that the first production models were experiencing problems, the later models seem to be functioning much better.

Rio Aqua Pumps/Powerheads
The Rio Aqua Pumps/Powerheads are well constructed, delivering high pressure water for most tank functions. Though often used with protein skimmers, they should not be used for constant on/off functions such as wavemakers.

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