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2000 About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contest Winners


With the advent of digital cameras, saltwater aquarium and fish photography has come a long ways. Take a look at the entrants and winner of the 2000 About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contests to see how far fish and aquarium photography has come.

December 1999 Photo Contest

Entrants: Bob Mills, Anthony Pham, David Playfair, Pardise (C.Durgin), Janet Brassard, Brian League, Phyllis Daniels, Erika York, Rick Peterson, Larry Boroff, and Dave Randles.

January 2000 Photo Contest

Entrants: Zerah Morris, Steve Whitt, Lawrence Wang, Suzanne Wickstrom, Ed Hernandez, Jimmy Ng, Peggy Copeland, Jasen Day, Eric Castren, Pat Walters, Corbin West, James Farr, David Eller, Roger Brauer, and Phyllis Daniels.

February 2000 Photo Contest

Entrants: Brian Conger, Ed Hernandez, Daniel Ross, Lyndon Richardson, Gregg Sanders, Mathew DiGiorgio, Mark Stonecipher, Peggy Copeland, and Rickie York.

March 2000 Photo Contest

Entrants: Robert Flannery, Earl Coleman, James McClain, Darwin Baker, Peggy Copeland, Scott Slaton, Mark Mower, Michael Mendelson, Brenda Hinsch, and Mark Stonecipher.

April 2000 Photo Contest

Entrants: Tim Misoni, David Playfair, Jaime Maldonado, Lyndon Richardson, Dan Pascucci, Kendall, and Phil Kent.

May 2000 Photo Contest

Entrants: Hans, Judy Atkins, Steve Howard, Scott Brown, Phyllis Daniels, Alex Sotelo, and Wayland Lee.

June 2000 Photo Contest

Entrants: Chris Fanning, Bill Shaw, Chris Mempin, Frank Rossi, Earl Coleman, Phil Harris, Chris Nye, John Littleton, and Pascal Rainville.

July/August 2000 Photo Contest

Entrants: Steve Atkinson, Patrick & Judy, Earl Coleman, Rich DelPizzo, Juan Martinez, Andy Bajc, Brian McBroom, Alex Castillo, John Littleton, and Dan Amelung.

August/September 2000 Photo Contest

Entrants: Val Clements, Stacie Chenevert, Candybass, Cody Badgett, Kenny Todd, Frank Rossi, Mike Jervis, and Bob Brobst.

October 2000 Coral Contest

Entrants: Ted Chant, Jason Grant, Andy Bajc, Bill Shaw, Steve Atkinson, Dan Tremblay, and Wilson Lu.

November - Decemeber 2000 Tank Contest

Entrants: Joe Brown, Delock, Trevor Neil, Kevin Donnelly, Robin Young, Joe DiTommaso, Rafael Estenoz, Dan Ross, and Peggy Hurst.

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