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Mantis Shrimps | Photos & Profile Information

Considered as pets by some aquarists, and pests by others, here is a collection of Mantis Shrimp profile and photo resources along with aquarium care as well as removal information to learn about these powerful and destructive, but interesting saltwater shrimps.

DIY Aquarium Trap
Here are plans from your About Guides for a very simple do-it-yourself PVC aquarium trap that can be used to capture aquarium fish, and can be modified to remove Bristleworms and Mantis Shrimps as well.

Mantis Shrimp: Pet or Pest?
From the Saltwater Aquariums Guides, some aquarists love them as pets and others consider them nothing but pests.  This article takes a look at both sides.

How Can I Tell If I Have A Mantis Shrimp?
From the Lurker's Guide To Stomatopods, tips on signs you can look for to tell if you have a Mantis Shrimp in your aquarium or not.

How Do You Trap A Mantis Shrimp?
From the Lurker's Guide To Stomatopods, methods of how to remove and capture Mantis Shrimp both in and out of your aquarium.

Is A Mantis Shrimp Bad For Your Set-Up?
From the Lurker's Guide To Stomatopods, a discussion on the destructive nature of Mantis Shrimps in an aquarium.

Maintenance Of Mantis Shrimp
From the Lurker's Guide To Stomatopods, tips and information on how to care for a Mantis Shrimp in an aquarium.

Mantis Shrimp Breaks Glass!
From the Lurker's Guide To Stomatopods, a report published in the Daily Mirror (an England Newspaper) about how a pet Mantis Shrimp cracked its thick tank glass.

Mantis Shrimp Overview
From the OZ Reef Marine Park Reef Aquaria Information Index, here is a very informative profile on Mantis Shrimps. It provides a general overview along with details on their biology, habitat and characteristics, and includes "removal techniques" to get rid of them in an aquarium.

Mantis Shrimps
From the Krib, email discussion from saltwater aquarists about having Mantis Shrimps in your aquarium.

More About Mantis Shrimps
From NetPet, input from Albert Thiel on the popping noise these shrimp can sometimes make to alert you to their presence in your tank.

Thumb Splitters
From the Island Aquarium site, a photo and basic info about the high force power that Mantis Shrimps have in their pinchers, making them renowned as Thumb Splitters!

What Are Stomatopods?
From the Lurker's Guide To Stomatopods, information about the identification of Mantis Shrimps, including a detailed drawing.

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