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Aquarium Magazines and Other Publications

Here you'll find resources to popular saltwater, reef and marine aquarium related magazines along with other publications that you can access free online or subscribe to in print copy.

Advanced Aquarist Magazine Online
Packed with authoritative and informative content, the Advanced Aquarist's online style magazine contains a complete index of articles from each months issue dating back to its inception in 2002.

Aquarium Fish International Magazine
Aquarium Fish International is a publication we have subscribed to since 2010, and will continue to renew each year. AFI is a monthly magazine that is loaded with a wide range of information about choosing, caring for and breeding marine and freshwater fish, includes tank care tips, product reviews and much more. Here you can view current and previous issue content, and subscribe to AFI Magazine direct.

Aquarium Fish SW Articles & Content Online
To access Aquarium Fish Magazine's saltwater articles and other content published online, from the Home Page go to the top horizontal menu, highlight the "Resources" topic, then from next menu highight "Salt Water" and choose which topic category of interest you want to know about.

FAMA Magazine
While Freshwater And Marine Aquarium (FAMA) is no longer published as a stand-alone magazine, its most popular columns and expert writers can now be found in FAMA's sister fishkeeping magazine, Aquarium Fish International (AFI). From this link you can access FAMA's articles archive, learn about and subscribe to AFI.

Fish 'N' Chips Newsletter
Created in 1998 and published by Elizabeth M. Lukan, Fish 'N'Chips is a FREE monthly newsletter in html format covering subjects of interest to reef and fish-only saltwater hobbyists, plus Liz's website is loaded with all kinds of other resources, including Archived Issues.

TONMO (The Octopus News Magazine Online)
Created by founder Tony Morelli in May 2000, TONMO (The Octopus News Magazine Online) is not only loaded with octopus and other cephalopod articles by science/physiology, fossils, and culture topic categories, for anyone who wants to keep these fascinating animals in captivity, the Care (Saltwater Aquariums) section is the place to start browsing on this site.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine
Freshwater, Saltwater and Reef, Aquatic Plants, and Aquarium Basics are all covered topics in TFH (Tropical Fish Hobbyist). From the TFH online site you can see what content is in the current issue, browse previous issues, order a back issue/article, and sign up for a yearly print or online digital subscription.

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