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From aquarium care to selection information, to nutrition, diseases, health issues and more, here's your gateway to learn all about saltwater fishes, corals and other invertebrates in aquariums.
  1. Fish Compatibility & Care
  2. Fish Species Facts & Information
  3. Coral Facts & Information
  4. Reef Safe
  5. Invertebrate Information
  1. Fish and Coral Diseases
  2. Fish & Invert Nutrition
  3. Selecting & Buying Livestock
  4. Moving & Transporting Aquarium Animals

Fish Compatibility & Care

Photo by Julio Macieir

Learn how to determine which fish will get along together in your tank, which won't and how to care for the ones that do.

Fish Species Facts & Information

Tomato Clownfish

Here is a collection of species photo, identificaton, characteristic, compatibility, feeding, aquarium care, and more information to learn about these fishes.

Coral Facts & Information

Photo by Ron Alberico

Facts & information about how to care for the corals in your saltwater reef aquarium.

Reef Safe

Orange Skunk Clownfish

Even if you don't currently have a reef tank, selecting only reef safe animals for your Fish Only or Fish Only with Live Rock tank is a good idea. Reef safe fish and invertebrates will live peacefully together and won't destroy your corals when you decide to add them to your aquarium.

Invertebrate Information

Todd Gunderson's

Facts and information about how to care for the invertebrates in your saltwater aquarium. From tips on which invertebrates are considered to be reef safe to information about individual saltwater invertebrate species.

Fish and Coral Diseases

Parasites, viral, bacterial and fungal infections are but a few of the diseases which can affect the fish, invertebrate and corals in your aquarium. Early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to a quick and successful cure.

Fish & Invert Nutrition

Photo by PriceGrabber

Do you know what feeding categories your fish and invertebrates fall into, or what their primary food preferences are? You should, because if you don't, how can you expect to provide the animals you choose to keep in your aquarium with the proper diet.

Selecting & Buying Livestock

Is a fish or invertebrate you want to buy healthy? Is it an animal suited to your level of aquarium keeping skills? How about compatibility issues? Before you buy any fish and invertebrates for a saltwater aquarium or reef tank, it's important to learn about these and other factors related to making good livestock choices.

Moving & Transporting Aquarium Animals

Before moving or transporting saltwater fishes and invertebrates, learn how to plan ahead for the move to insure the animals arrive safely and in good health.

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