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Live rock is not just a pile of rocks in an aquarium. Live rock not only provides houses for tank critters, it also serves as a biological filter base and platforms for corals, anemones and coralline algae. Most people have at least some live rock in their marine tanks while true reef tank enthusiasts have a lot of it in their tanks and consider it an important asset. Sold by the pound, installing live rock in your tank can quickly become an expensive venture.

Live Rock F.A.Q.'s

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Live rock has many uses and purposes in saltwater aquariums. Live rock not only provides refuge for marine critters and gives an aquarium its own unique personality, it can be a major part of the aquarium's filtration system.

Buying Live Rock

Live Rock

A vast majority of the live rock available for reef tanks is imported from the Indo-Pacific area. Knowing what to look for when purchasing live rock will help you save money as well as avoid common pitfalls.

Working with Live Rock

When uncured and even "cured" live rock is first placed in a saltwater system, some die-off of the organisms that reside on and inside the rocks will occur. The build-up of this organic matter creates ammonia. To help lessen ammonia spikes, as well as shorten the curing time of the live rock, pre-clean the rocks before using them.

"Cured" or "Uncured" Live Rock?

The breakdown of the organisms that reside on uncured and even cured live rock contributes to the accumulation of excess organic matter in any saltwater aquarium system which can cause a build-up or spike in ammonia.

Cycling Your Tank With Live Rock

Cycling a new saltwater tank with live rock in 10 easy steps, including details about how to aquascape the tank and arrange the rocks.

Berlin filters have been used for years in reef tank systems. This filtration system is most popular with reef tank purists, but its simplicity and low cost makes it a winner for beginners and experts alike.

Aquascaping Your Tank

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Live rock is not only decorative, but provide housing for the fish and other animals in the tank, shelter against aggression that may occur from other tankmates, and are an important biological filtration source.

Elevating your live rock off the bottom of your tank before adding the substrate has many benefits. Here's how to do it quickly and easily.

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