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This is the place to shop for and compare prices on all kinds of top quality basic saltwater and advanced reef aquarium lights and lighting products, such as power compact fixtures, ballast and retrofit kits, standard light hoods, and replacement bulbs.

Brand Aquarium Light Bulbs

Coralife Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
From standard fluorescent bulbs, to high output power compact and metal halide lamps, browse this list of top brand name bulbs to find the type of aquarium lights you are looking to replace or upgrade to, as well as get the best prices.
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Fluorescent Aquarium Light Hoods

Coralife Aqualight Single Compact Fluorescent Strip Lights
Standard aquarium light hoods and strips come equipped with normal output lamps, which is suitable for a fish-only system. One can choose to start with a full hood, or a light strip combined with a glass canopy, and then simply upgrade it at any time by putting in a higher output 50/50, 10K or other compatible fluorescent bulb.
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LED Saltwater Aquarium Lights

LED Saltwater Aquarium Lights have gone beyond being used for Lunar Lights alone. LED lights are now used for primary lighting for Fish Only and Fish Only with Live Rock as well as reef tanks. As the price of LED lamps has come down, they are being offered in more interesting and innovative packages.
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Light Ballast Kits

Coralife Ballast Kit
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Upgrade or replace your old ballast or create a whole new lighting system for your tank with these ballast kits. The energy efficient electronic ballasts provide more lighting power and a lower light bill.
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Metal Halide Fixtures

ESU Aqualite Pro
Metal halide lighting is most often the best choice for those keeping stony corals and other marine life that requires intense elimination. Relatively small for their size and the amount of light they put out makes these top choice units very popular. They are well designed, add a stylish look to any aquarium, and most even include lunar lights.
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Power Compact & Metal Halide Lighting Retrofit Kits

Coralife Aqualight Pro Retrofit Kit
In the constant quest for more wattage in the same space, many saltwater hobbyists choose to upgrade an existing fluorescent light fixture by using a retrofit kit to convert the light hood or canopy over to hold either PC (Power Compact) or MH (Metal Halide) bulbs, rather than buy a complete new setup.
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Power Compact Fluorescent Light Fixtures

ESU Aqualite Pro
Sleek, affordable, and an upgrade from standard or normal output lights that can't support the growth of corals and other such reef tank inhabitants, here you can shop for and compare prices on a wide range of higher output power compact fluorescent light fixtures.
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T-5 HO Reef Tank Lights

Photo by PriceGrabber

T-5 (T5) HO saltwater aquarium lights are state of the art fixtures used for reef tanks. The thin (5/8") bulbs produce almost twice as much light as standard fluorescent bulbs. Many of these lights include LED Lunar Lights as well as integrated timers.

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