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Here are online suppliers where can shop for and buy submersible, hang-on and floating heaters, undergravel cable heating systems, other heating equipment and accessories such as thermometers, electronic thermostats or controllers for use in saltwater aquariums and reef tanks.
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About Guides Top Submersible Heater Picks
Read your About Guides product reviews and compare prices on what they consider to be some of the top submersible heater picks on the market.

Cable Heating System & Controllers from AquaTechnic
From AquaTechnic, Singapore's Leading Professional Aquarium Designers, here is product and ordering information about the cable heating system and other electronic thermostats and controllers made by Dupla.

Heaters & Controllers from AquaDirect
From the AquaDirect site choose the "Heaters" category to see what products are currently in stock, as well as click on the "Computers/Monitors" link under Related Products for all types of top brand name electronic controllers listed.

Heaters & Thermostat by Schego
Direct from the Schego Home Page, click on the Aquarium Technology - Thermostat & Heaters section for information about their electronic temperature controller and grounded, sea water proof, indestructible titanium tube heater elements that are designed to be used in conjunction with one another.

Heaters from Premium Aquatics
Under the "Heaters" section from Premium Aquatics Online Dry Goods Store you'll find Visi-Therm and Won Pro-Heat Titanium series heaters listed.

Heating Equipment by Hagen
Direct from Hagen, here is where you can obtain product information about their aquatic Radiant, Thermal Compact and Tronic Electronic Heaters, traditional and electronic or digital thermometers, as well as other heating products and parts they manufacture.

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