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Hawkfish Pictures

Enjoy and identify saltwater Hawkfishes through this gallery of Hawkfish species photos, most of which include name and often some profile information with the pictures.
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Hawkfish Photo Gallery
The Hawkfish Photo Gallery contains photos of a number of Hawkfish which are found in the ocean as well as in the aquariums.

Charles' Forster's Hawkfish
Charles Raabe's terrific photo of a Forster's (Freckled) Hawkfish (Paracirrhites forsteri), taken in the wild.

Arc Eyey Hawkfish
Keoki Stender's terrific close-up photo of an Arc Eye Hawkfish. The Arc-Eye Hawkfish (Paracirrhites arcatus) likes to sit on the bottom, perching itself on top of a coral head where it waits for unsuspecting prey. When threatened it will go down inside the coral head for protection.

Dwarf (Falco) Hawkfish
The Dwarf (Falco) Hawkfish (Cirrhitichthys falco) is reef safe for the most part and is an great Hawkfish for beginners. Here is a great close up photo by Keoki Stender.

Freckled (or Forster's) Hawkfish
The Freckled (or Forster's) Hawkfish (Cirrhitichthys falco) is a hardy Hawkfish and is a great choice for beginners. It should not be kept with smaller, less aggressive fish.

Golden Hawkfish
The beautiful Golden Hawkfish (Cirrhitichthys aureus) is rarely seen in the aquarium trade.

Half-Spot Hawkfish
Here is a great close up photo of the Half-Spot Hawkfish (Paracirrhites hemistictus), taken by Keoki Stender. Two color morphs of this Hawkfish are seen but always have large black spots on rear half.

Juvenile Freckled Hawkfish
A great close up photo of a juvenile Freckled Hawkfish by Keoki Stender. This species of Hawkfish lives a solitary life and can be aggressive towards most other fish, especially those of its own species.

Longnose Hawkfish
This great close up of a Longnose Hawkfish (Oxycirrhites typus) shows its intricate color pattern. While the Longnose Hawkfish is a great mini aquarium candidate, it will occasionally eat ornamental shrimps and may attack other fish with elongated bodies like Firefish and Dart Gobies.

Blood Red Hawkfish
The Blood Red or Redbarred Hawkfish (Cirrhitops fasciatus) color varies from bright red to greenish brown. It has a small angular spot on the gill covers and a diffuse blotch may be present on caudal peduncle.

Redspotted Hawkfish
The Redspotted or Pixy Spotted Hawkfish (Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus) is one of the smaller Hawkfish, attaining a length of only 3.5 inches.

Twospot Hawkfish
The Twospot Hawkfish (Amblycirrhitus bimacula) is a cryptic species usually hidden within small crevices or branching coral. It is a pale red-brown with black oval spot below the soft dorsal fin and on the gill cover. It is less than 3 inches in length and can be found in Hawaii & the Indo-Pacific.

Stocky Hawkfish
The Stocky Hawkfish (Cirrhitus pinnulatus) attains a length of up to 11 inches and is the only Hawaiian Hawkfish regularly captured for human consumption.

Robert Medina's Longnosed Hawkfish
Robert Medina's photo og his Longnosed Hawkfish under a Zoanthid frag, Red Mushroom, Hammer Coral, and a green Candy Cane Coral.

Darryl's Flame Hawkfish
Darryl Craig's photo of his Flame Hawk (Neocirrhites armatus), submitted for entry in an About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contest.

David Playfair's Flame Hawk
David Playfair's Flame Hawk entry in the About Saltwater Aquariums June 2001 Fish & Critter Photo Contest.

Gary's Arc Eyed Hawkfish
Gary Harmon's photo of his Arc Eyed Hawkfish (Paracirrhites arcatus) which he keeps in his 125g with "a Moorish Idol, Yellowtail Cloris Wrasse, Eightline Wrasse, Ornate Wrasse, Saddleback Butterflyfish, Nasso Tang, Painted Parrotfish, Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby & Hermit Crab".

G.W. Hawes' Arc Eyed Hawkfish
G.W. Hawes' Arc Eyed Hawkfish (Paracirrhites arcatus) entry in the About Saltwater Aquariums June 2002 Fish & Critter Photo Contest. Looks to me like it is singing into a microphone.

C. Durgin's Flame Hawkfish
C. Durgin's (Pardsie) outstanding close up photo of his Flame Hawkfish (Neocirrhitus armatus).

D. P. Byrd's Flame Hawkfish (Neocirrhitus armatus)
D. P. Byrd's Flame Hawkfish (Neocirrhitus armatus), posing in his 75-gallon reef tank domain.

Giant Hawkfish
Mike Esposito's outstanding close up photo of the Giant Hawkfish Cirrhitus rivulatus in his 150g FO tank.

Ken Tam's Longnosed Hawkfish
Ken Tam's remarkable photo of his Longnosed Hawkfish (Oxycirrhittes typus).

R. Tebben's Longnose Hawkfish
R. Tebben's remarkable photo of his Longnose Hawkfish (Oxycirrhites typus) which he submitted to the Photo Contest.

R. Tebben's Falco Hawkfish
R. Tebben's Falco Hawkfish (Cirrhitichthys falco) entry in the About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contest.

Spotted Hawkfish Photo
From the FINS Marine Fish Index - Miscellaneous Species section, a photo view of the Spotted Hawkfish, Cirrhitichthys aprinus.

Hawaiian Morwong Photo
From Keoki's Fish Corner through the Hawaii Coral Reef Network, the black & white striped fish in this photo are Hawaiian Morwongs (Cheilodactylus vittatus). They are related to the Hawkfish family, sometimes referred to as the Striped Hawkfish.

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