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Fish Anatomy Diagrams & Information

When reading books and other information about fresh or saltwater fishes, particulary in reference to diagnosing and treating diseases, most authors refer to the body parts of a fish's anatomy in technical terms. View these simple fish anatomy diagrams that show all the parts labeled to study up and learn about the anatomic structure of these animals.
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Fish Anatomy Diagram & Info
From Badman's Tropical Fish, even though this is a freshwater fish website, this fish anatomy diagram can be applied universally to most any fish species, and gives a good definition of the Lateral Line and what its function is in fishes.

Fish Anatomy Diagram
From the Enchanted Learning Animal Printouts, here is a printable fish anatomy diagram which shows all the basic parts of a fish, including the Lateral Line that HLLE disease relates to in fishes.

Fish Anatomy Diagram
This FINS Disease Diagnostics tool is still undergoing construction, but it has a fairly good diagram to learn about a fishes anatomy.

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