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Filters & Filtration Systems Information

From canister to wet/dry trickle filters, to natural nitrate reduction by means of live rock, live sand, and mangrove plant filtration, here is everything you'll need to know about choosing and setting up various types of biological, mechanical, chemical filters, and filtration system setups for saltwater and reef aquariums.
  1. Canister Filters (12)
  2. Carbon Filtration (11)
  3. Live Rock Filtration
  4. Live Sand Filtration (15)
  5. Mangrove Plant Filtration (11)
  6. NNR Filtration Methods (10)
  7. Other Filter Setups (10)
  8. Undergravel Filters (7)
  9. Wet/Dry Trickle Filters (18)
  10. Protein Skimmers (21)
  11. Water Filters (7)
  12. DIY Filter Projects
  13. Equipment & Supplies Info
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Marine Aquarium Biological Filtration Science
From the lowly Under Gravel Filter to the modern, efficient filtration systems available on the market today, the advances in the science of biological filtration in marine aquariums is quite amazing.

Marine Aquarium Filtration Systems
There are a growing number of marine filtration systems to choose whether you are setting up a new aquarium, or retrofitting an existing one.

Choosing Your Biological Filter Material
There is a wide variety of materials to choose from for your biological filtration media. Some are more efficient than others, some cost more than others. Here is a breakdown of the efficiency (surface area) and cost for a number of biological filtration materials.

Choosing a Saltwater Aquarium Filtration System In 5 Easy Steps
Choosing a Saltwater Aquarium Filtration System In 5 Easy Steps walks you through choosing a filtration system for your saltwater aquarium.

What Is A Biological Filter?
You hear people talking about their "Biological Filter" a lot, but do you really know what it is? The answer may surprise you. You probably have more biological filtration in your tank than you know.

Top Aquarium Power Filters
Here's a list of top pick aquarium power filters recommended by your About Guides as being some of the most efficient and best power filters to choose for filtering not only saltwater aquariums, but freshwater systems as well.

New Filtration System For an LFS - The Animal Jungle's 2,600 Gallon Shark Tank
New Filtration System For an LFS - The Animal Jungle's 2,600 Gallon Shark Tank had a serious filtration problem. Here is how it was fixed.

DSB (Deep Sand Bed) or No DSB?
Since the Live Sand Filter was created by Dr. Dean Jaubert, the pros and cons of the DSB (Deep Sand Bed) both with and without a plenum have been discussed. Here is a quick overview of both sides of the debate.

Biological Filtration Poll
Participate in this Biological Filtration Source Poll created by your About Guides to Saltwater Aquariums, or just view the polling results to see what the most popular source for biological filtration is amongst hobbyists.

Choose a Filtration System in 5 Easy Steps
Some people choose their filtration system, then design their aquarium system around it. This method helps you design your filtration to fit your tank and the way you want it to look.

New Biological Filtration For an LFS - 1,000 Gallon System
The filtration system in the 1,000g saltwater holding system at Animal Jungle wasn't doing the job. Here is how we fixed it.

Choosing a Filtration System
From your About Guides, Stan & Debbie cover the basic considerations that should be thought about when deciding on what type of filtration to choose for your new aquarium.

Aquarium Filtration
From FINS contributed by Bruce Hallman, a Table Of Contents covering topics on water changes, biological filtration, mechanical filtration, chemical filtration and a complete section on Filter Types.

Filters & Related Questions
This FINS FAQ's section gives information about every type of filter you can think that you have questions about.

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