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Other Filter Setups Information

Here is information about box, corner, diatom, fluidized bed, as well as other types of filters used in saltwater aquariums and reef tank systems for biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration purposes.
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Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilation In Marine Aquariums
Ultraviolet Sterilization has been used for some time in aquariums to both eliminate Green Algae suspended in the water column and to kill parasites in the water column. Many experienced marine aquarists believe that ultra violet sterilization is one of the most effective means of disease prevention in aquariums and for general water quality...

Undergravel Filters (UGF) Information
Here is information all about standard undergravel and reverse flow UGF setups, which are not considered ideal for use in reef tank systems. They are however suitable filters for fish-only saltwater aquariums, as long as this type of filtration setup is properly maintained.

UV Sterilization
UV Sterilization - What Is It, and How Are UV Sterilizers Used in Saltwater Aquariums. removing (referred to as filtering) unwanted free floating microscopic water borne bacteria, parasitic, fungal, viral, algae, and other unfriendly pathogens out of aquarium water by exposing it to high intensity ultra-violet (UV) light.

Top UV Sterilizers
UV sterilizers are used in aquariums and ponds to kill bacteria and parasites as well as help eliminate unwanted free floating algae.

Corner Filter, The
From James S. Koga's Science Reference & Instruction Librarian-Misc. Page, James discusses the various types of corner filters, how they work, as well as their advantages and disadvantages to learn more about them.

Fluidized Bed Filtration FAQ's
From WetWebMedia, Bob Fenner gives his opinion on this type of filtration in a quick and simple reply to a hobbyist question about it.

Vortex Diatom Filter FAQ's
Direct from the Vortex Innerspace Products web site, these FAQ's will answer many of the questions you may have about the Vortex Diatom Filter, such as how it works and how to properly maintain it.

Vortex Diatom Filter Instruction Manual
From the Vortex Innerspace Products web site, this online instruction manual will tell you all about the Vortex Diatom Filters. The "We Want You To Know" section is excellent reading for learning about and understanding how these filters work.

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