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Educational Chat Rooms

Chat rooms that can serve as fun and educational resources for kids, students, teachers and parents to discuss topics such as Pets, Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums, Homework Help, Science & Nature, Botany and other areas of interest.

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Animals/Wildlife Chat
Meet friends and animal/wildlife enthusiasts here or just join in and see who might be around. Your About Guide Laura Klappenbach stops in frequently to see who's chatting and join in the conversation.

Biology Chat
Discuss issues or questions about marine biology, ecology, botany, biochemistry, zoology and many more topics that your About Biology Guide Regina Bailey addresses.

Cats Chat
Meet fellow cat lovers to discuss anything and everything about your favorite topic, Cats. Your Cats Guide, Franny Syufy, hosts chats from time to time, but the room is always open, so feel free to meet your friends here any time.

Chemistry Chat
Open 24/7, this is the place to meet other like-minded chemistry enthusiasts, ask a question, or just discuss chemistry. No regular chat is scheduled, but you can email your About Chemistry Guide, Anne Marie Helmenstine, or post on the forum if you would like to arrange a chat time.

Dogs Chat
At About Dogs you can start a chat at any time 24/7, or join in on one that may already be in session to chat with other dog lovers, as well as the About Host Guide for this room.

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Articles & Resources

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Ecology Chat
Hosted through the About Biology GuideSite, this room is open 24/7 for joining open unmoderated chats pertaining to ecological issues.

Environmental Issues Chat
At About Environmental Issues you can start a chat at any time, or join one that may already be in session. Open 24/7.

Exotic Pets Chat
Join your About Guide, Lianne McLeod, to talk about Birds, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Rabbits, Snakes, Pot Bellied Pigs and all sorts of other Exotic Pets, or check her Chat Buddies page to find others that have the same pet interests that you do and see when they can chat.

Freshwater Aquarium Chat
From your About Freshwater Aquarium Guide Shirlie Sharpe, open 24 hrs a day for all freshwater fish loving friends to drop into, or check the discussion forums for the latest in hosted chat events.

Homework & Study Tips Chat
Cathy Spalding's About Homework & Study Help GuideSite is open 24/7 to freely chat with other students, but you can check the schedule and join Math, Science, English and General topic chats with a Host Guide at various times throughout the week Monday-Friday.

Horses Chat
The EquiSearch Team at About Horses has two chat rooms open 24 hours a day to choose from, one for nightly hosted moderated chats, and one for meeting other horsey friends for unmoderated chats.

Salt Talk Chat
Open 24 hours a day to talk to saltwater aquarium hobbyists of all levels, or join your About Guides hosted Saltwater Aquarium Chats on Thursday and Saturday nights.

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