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DIY Wet/Dry Trickle Filter Plans

Primarily a biological filter that uses bio-balls and other forms of bio-media, here is a collection of various do-it-yourself wet/dry trickle filter plans and designs for making this type of saltwater aquarium filtration set up.
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Top Pick Wet/Dry Trickle Filters
Read brief reviews and compare prices on Wet/Dry Trickle Filters that your Guides consider to be some of the best on the market for saltwater aquarium filtration.

How To Clean Dirty Bio-Balls
It is NOT the bio-balls used for biological filtration that go BAD and cause nitrate problems in saltwater aquariums, they are just dirty and need to be cleaned up. Here are instructions and tips from your Guides on how to do this properly.

DIY Trickle Filter Plan
From The Krib Aquaria & Tropical Archive Postings, Matthew J. Blackford shares his DIY trickle filter plan. (Post Date: 1994)

DIY Wet/Dry Filter Plans & Discussions
From The Krib Aquaria & Tropical Archive, here is a collection of wet/dry filtration postings that center around the DIY aspect of wet/dry filters, but does include some other questions as well.

Wet/Dry Filter Plans
From the FINS DIY Plans Index, Jeff Pfohl gives a simple outline about how to build a wet/dry filter with a sump, very inexpensively.

Wet/Dry Filters - Info, Designs & Construction
From Thomas Sasala's Cyber Reef Guru Home Page click on the Do It Yourself topic, then A DIY Guide to Aquatics to locate his 2.0 Wet/Dry Filters (W/D) Table of Contents. Here you will find all kinds of valuable information about wet/dry filters, including various designs and how to construct them.

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