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Stan's DIY 12g Tank Plans


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Design Introduction to Stan's DIY 12g Tank Plans
Stan's DIY 12g Tank with Seahorses

Stan originally designed this unique little DIY 12 gallon tall glass aquarium to house seahorses. Having built and set up three of these tanks for Animal Jungle customers, this is a picture of the one in our own living room. Love it!

Photo by Debbie and Stan Hauter
Stan came up with this little DIY 12 gallon tall tank design when I asked for something unique and special to house and display seahorses in at Animal Jungle. Thinking about it Stan looked at standard sized aquariums in the store. He then took a 10 gallon tank, turned it on end, measured it and added about two inches to the height, and viola!

Although originally designed as a seahorse aquarium, this 12 gallon do-it-yourself tank makes a wonderful small community fish tank. By adding a Coralife mini-compact light fixture that we found fits this tank perfectly, it's a great a nano reef tank as well.

By following these easy step-by-step preparation and assembly instructions, you can build one just like it in no time at all.

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