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Cheap, Easy DIY Aquarium Sumps


A sump is nothing more than a container in which to hold water and other stuff for your tank. Normally located under the tank, saltwater aquarium sumps are used to hold:

Sumps don't need to be fancy, they just need to hold the equipment and whatever water is fed to it via an overflow from your tank. If you use your imagination, you will see potential sumps just about everywhere. Some examples are:
  • Plastic Garbage Cans
    • Available at most hardware stores.
    • Usually cost less than $10.
    • Cut it down to fit under your tank.
  • Plastic Storage Containers
    • Lots of sizes to choose from.
    • Usually costs less than $10.
    • Available in most home improvement stores.
  • Aquariums
    • Available in many sizes.
    • Garage and yard sales are good sources for used aquariums.
    • Easy DIY project.
Why pay a small fortune for a commercially produced aquarium sump when an everyday household product will work just as well?

Mini-Reef Tanks are particularly good candidates for DIY Sumps. A sump can dramatically increase the equipment you can utilize in your aquarium system.

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