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DIY (Do It Yourself) Aquarium Cabinet and Stand Plans

DIY Aquarium Cabinet and Stand Plans


DIY Do-It-Yourself plans for making flat, open style aquarium display stands, and cabinet designs that incorporate the use of closed cupboards below to store your equipment. DIY aquarium stands and cabinets are a great way to customize your aquarium's look and save a lot of money at the same time.

1. Do It Yourself (DIY) Simple Aquarium Stand

48" diy Aquarium Stand
Photo by Stan Hauter
A DIY aquarium stand that looks great, doesn't cost much (less than $35) and takes less than 2 hours to build. This aquarium stand can be modified to hold almost any tank from 10g to 75g up to 48" long.

2. Basic Aquarium Cabinet Frame Plan

Graphics by Stan Hauter
Tired of the off-the-wall aquarium cabinets? You can make the tank cabinet of your dreams. It all starts with the basic cabinet frame. Plans and assembly instructions for an aquarium cabinet frame made of common 2"X4" lumber, easily modified to hold any aquarium. Finish with any material you wish to match your decor. You can build this custom aquarium cabinet in an afternoon for very little money.

3. Constructed DIY Do It Yourself Aquarium Cabinet Stand Hood Photos

Jordy (Jim Dusenberry)
For the do-it-yourself aficionados, these photos of individual and matching combination DIY aquarium stands, cabinets, and hoods/canopies that aquarists have built using a variety of materials is a great source to get design and style ideas when deciding to make your own stand, cabinet, and hood.

4. DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet Graphics

Here are the graphics for the DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet plans. The graphics give a good view of how the aquarium cabinet will come together. The graphics package includes a cut out plan to help utilize the oak plywood in the most economic manner.

5. DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet

Stan Hauter
Complete plans for a DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet, including material and tool lists, photos and graphics. This cabinet looks terrific and is not difficult to build. While the description call for oak plywood to be used, any material will work just as well.

6. Easy, Inexpensive DIY Aquarium Stand Project

by Stan and Debbie Hauter
Are you looking for a stand to put your aquarium on that doesn't cost and arm and a leg? It's easy to make this inexpensive wood and cinder block stand we designed and built to hold one of the many 48" x 16" DIY 55 glass aquariums we have built over the years. This stand is both sturdy and economical. Preparation time is short, assembly only taking a few minutes, it can be constructed to fit just about any aquarium, and it's a do-it-yourself project that most anyone can do. Here's how.

7. Organize Your Aquarium Cabinet

Here is an inexpensive (next to nothing) method to organize all your "stuff" under your aquarium, making it easier to quickly find what you need when you need it.

8. DIY Multiple Tank Racks

Here are plans and instructions for building a DIY Multiple Tank rack. Fast, easy and sturdy method to house a number of aquariums in a small space.

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