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DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet


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DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet

DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet

Stan & Debbie Hauter
This DIY aquarium cabinet is actually easy to build. This aquarium cabinet is constructed using 3/4" oak plywood throughout, although it can be made from any plywood.

This cabinet was designed to support a 48" X 18" glass (or acrylic) aquarium, with an extra 3/8" added to accommodate the metal base rim used in most commercially made aquariums. The extra 3/8" added in this design can be eliminated if the aquarium does not use this rim, as in the DIY Glass Aquarium Plans . See the DIY Oak Aquarium Light Hood Plans for design and assembly information about the matching light hood.

This aquarium cabinet plan can be adjusted for any size aquarium. Additional vertical supports may be needed for aquariums of greater lengths. Since a matching light canopy was constructed at the same time as this cabinet, 2 sheets of Oak plywood were purchased.

The cabinet in this photo uses this basic plan and supports a 150g overflow aquarium.

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