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Top 3 Light Ballast Kit Picks


Replace your old standard fluorescent bulb ballast and upgrade the lighting fixture to hold stronger wattage NO, or higher output VHO, PC, and MH lights, or create a whole new lighting system for your reef aquarium with these replacement and complete light ballast kits. Using an energy efficient electronic ballast not only provides more lighting power, for growing corals in particular, but can be a money saver on the electric bill.

1. Coralife Ballasts

Coralife Ballast Kit
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Power efficient (35% less) electronic ballast and the E-Z ballast kits available for fluorescent light systems.
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2. IceCap Ballasts

IceCap Ballast
Energy efficient Fluorescent, VHO and MH electronic replacement ballasts and complete kits.
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3. Visi-Lux Ballasts

Visi-Lux Ballast
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Fluorescent replacement ballast powers one or two, 30 or 40 watt lamps.
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