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Decorative Corals & Rocks - Supplier Resources

Here are online suppliers where you can shop for and buy all kinds of non-living and synthetic corals and decorative rocks for use in saltwater aquariums.
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Artificial Rocks
Drs. Foster & Smith's Fish/Decor/Rocks & Driftwood product section has various types of artificial or synthetic rocks to choose from that can be used to aquascape your aquarium with.

CaribSea Reef Rock
From CaribSea, a popular source and name of Aragonite based substrates, on page two of their Product Catalog you'll find their Reef Rock listed. This is actually petrified coral in rock form that is ideal to use as base rock in reef aquariums on which to attach invertebrates such as anemones, soft and hard corals, etc.

Decorative Stony Corals & Shells
The Pet Stop online store has a large selection of various types of natural non-living and Décoral (replicas made of polyurethane material) stony species corals to decorate your tank with, which are available in a wide range of sizes.

Dried Corals from Feller Stone
Feller Stone has a nice variety of dried natural corals, as well as carved and rough rocks in a wide range of types and colors to choose from. A word of caution on their land-based rock materials, read the individual "Chem-Tests" reports because many are high in various elements you don't want in saltwater aquariums, such as silicon, phosphorus, iron, copper, etc.

Lifelike Corals & Anemones
Available in many sizes and shapes, Drs. Foster & Smith's Fish Supplies catalog contains a very nice selection of Coralife hard structured Acropora, Table, Branch, Elkhorn, Tree, Cat's Paw and other Tropical Treasures stony coral replicas, as well as colorful, soft flexible plastic Anemones from Aquarium Systems SeaGarden products line.

Nature's Image Corals
Walt and Deborah Smith have very much been involved with coral farming in the South Pacific for many years. Inspired by their love for corals, they carefully recreated the beauty that surrounds them every day by designing their colorful and realistic Nature's Image line of coral replicas for aquariums made of special high-grade polyurethane.

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