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Sally Lightfoot Crab Facts and Information


Saleem Banatwala's Sally Lightfoot Crab

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Saleem Banatwala

Scientific Name:

Percnon gibbesi

Other Common Names:

Nimble Spray, Short, or Urchin Crab.


This crab has a very flat carapace. Its body is brown with orange to yellow rings on the legs.


Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean and Indo-Pacific.

Maximum Size:

To 3".

Reef Tank Safe:

Yes, with caution.

Diet & Feeding:

This crab is an omnivore, consuming detritus and algae in an aquarium. If insufficient food is available, its diet should be supplemented with seaweed and meaty items. When it grows to a larger size, this crab can become aggressive and catch and eat small invertebrates and fish.

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