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Favia Coral Profile


Roberto Marion's Moon (Favia species) Corals

Roberto Marion's Moon (Favia species) Corals



Common Species

  • F. favus
  • F. matthaii
  • F. pallida
  • F. stelligera
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Common Names

  • Moon Coral, Green Moon Coral, Pineapple Coral, Brain Coral, Star Coral.


  • Prefer bright lights, however will tolerate much lower levels.
  • Will tolerate a gentle current.
  • Some Favia will attach to substrate if not moved for several months.
  • Favia can be fed and seem to appreciate a squirt or two of brine shrimp at night.
  • Care should be taken with placement, as they can send out transparent sweeper tentacles at night.
  • Considered by many to be an easier coral to keep.

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