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Common Aquarium Pests

Information about how to remove and eliminate marine animals that are considered by most aquarists to be problem pests in salwater systems, such as Aiptasia Anemones, Bristleworms, and Mantis Shrimps, and although beneficial animals, how to control large populations of Copepods and Amphipods that can become a bothersome nusiance to fish in aquariums.
  1. Aiptasia Anemones (14)
  2. Bristleworms (Polychaetes) (12)
  3. Copepods & Amphipods (7)
  4. Mantis Shrimps (12)

Pictures of Amphipods and Copepods
What appears in saltwater systems as little white bugs crawling around on everything, have you ever wanted to really SEE what Amphipods that live in mature saltwater aquariums look like? To find out, browse this gallery of Amphipod pictures, which includes several macro-view images we took looking through a microscope at one of these tiny crustaceans.

What The Heck Is That In My Aquarium?
What are those little white dots growing on my aquarium glass? What are those little white bug-like things swimming around my tank? Is it a bristleworm, shrimp, plankton, anemone, urchin, copepod, amphipod, starfish, worm, parasite or some other organism? Is it going to hurt my aquarium?

Those Little White Bugs in Your Aquarium
Your About Guides profile those little white bugs you see swimming or crawling around your aquarium. Learn about copepod and amphipod facts, what marine species will eat them, how to add them to a saltwater aquarium as a food source, as well as control or remove them if they are taking over becoming pests.

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