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More Ways to Start & Set Up an Aquarium - Web Resources

Here are more ways one can choose to set up a basic saltwater aquarium or advanced reef tank system from online Web resources.

Saltwater Aquariums 101 - "Getting Started"
This free email class covers everything you need to know to get your new aquarium up and running. These classes are emailed to you each day for 7 days and cover: Choosing the right location, Choosing the right aquarium for you, Filtration, Lighting, Substrate, FO, FOWLR or Reef?, Critters, Corals, Foods & Maintenance.

A Guide to Setting Up a Reef Tank
This complete set up Guide from Reef Sources is a great place to start! Step by step it covers all the aspects of what is needed to set up a basic reef tank, discussing the many options of each component envolved.

A Successful Saltwater Aquarium
Thomas Sasala gives his list of items you should purchase to start your aquarium.

Small & Simple Saltwater Set Up
This article from Aquatics Unlimited covers what you need, and outlines how to go about setting up a small and simple saltwater aquarium.

Reef Tank Tips & Techniques
From Janet's Reef pages, Janet provides information about reef aquarium filtration, lighting, feeding, additives, and other tip and techniques used for setting up and maintaining a reef tank system.

Types of Saltwater Set Ups
From Aquatics Unlimited, this article by James Kostich outlines three basic types of saltwater tanks; Fish-Only, Reef or Mini-Reef, and Mixed Fish & Invertebrate Set Ups.

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