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Klein's Butterflyfish Profile


Klein's Butterflyfish Profile

Klein's Butterflyfish (Juvenile)

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Scientific Name:

Chaetodon kleini (Gray, 1831), but also may be found in books as Chaetodon corallicola (Snyder, 1904).

Other Common Names:

Coralcola Butterflyfish.


Extends from Hawai'i westward to the coast of Africa.

Average Size:

To about 5 inches.

Minimum Tank Size Suggested:

55 gallons.

Characteristics & Compatibility:

One of a few good Butterflyfishes suitable for beginners, this is a rather hardy and peaceful species that adapts well to aquarium life.

Diet & Feeding:

Should be fed typical fares for carnivores 2 to 3 times a day.

Reef Tank Suitability:

Although known to be a natural predator of Aiptasia Anemones, caution should be used when considering this fish to rid a reef tank of them, as the fish may pick at coral polyps, particularly once the Aiptasia are gone.

Guide Care Rating:

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