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Can I start the biological cycle using Biozyme?


Question: Can I start the biological cycle using Biozyme?
My 55 gallon tank has been set up and running for 4 days now, but I haven't started the biological process yet. Temperature is 75 degrees and specific gravity reads 1.020. I purchased saltwater Biozyme and didn't know if I could use this along with ammonia to cycle the tank without adding some "hardy" fish.
Answer: Temps pretty good, and salinity looks O.K. Sea water is about 1.024, but in our opinion for a fish-only tank, 1.020 is fine.

There are many options you can choose for starting the biological cycle, either using live animals or not. For animals, Damselfish are most often picked for this, and hermit crabs work well too, but cycling a tank with live rock and/or live sand is one of the most popular methods now days. If you don't want to use anything living, there is the ammonium chloride method, as well as using cocktail shrimp to do so. Ammonia is the key to getting it all started, and any of these things will generate ammonia. To learn all about the cycling process, what it is and how it works, along with all the methods used for starting a new tank, refer to our Biological Filtration Resources.

Biozyme cultured bacteria is good, but we recommend Hiatt's Distributors Right Now Bacteria for kick starting a new, or even recycling tank. When used properly it can cycle a tank in 24 hours, believe it or not! When it is used in conjunction with their Tri-Pelletized Carbon, it also helps to control nitrates in your system when your biological filter has been established.

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