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The Aquarium Cycling Process, and Ways to Cycle an Aquarium

Known as the nitrogen cycle, ALL new aquariums have to go through a biological cycling process which stabilizes the system. Learn about the important role this process plays in keeping saltwater and reef tank systems functioning properly, how it works, how long it takes, the many ways you can choose to cycle an aquarium.

What is the Nitrogen Cycling Process in a Marine Saltwater Aquarium?
The chain reaction of ammonia being converting into nitrite, then nitrite into nitrate, this is what is called the nitrogen cycling process. Learn all about the 3 components and phases of this biological conversion process that is performed by nitrosoma and nitrobacter bacterias to establish a cycled aquarium, which all fresh or saltwater tanks...

Can I start the biological cycle using Biozyme?
FAQ - Biological Cycle and Using Biozyme? Answer to a question about the biological cycle and using Biozyme tank starter.

What is the biological cycle and how does it work?
FAQ - What is the biological cycle and how does it work? An explanation of what the biological cycle is and how it works in a saltwater aquarium.

FAQ - Should I do a water change while my aquarium is cycling? -FAQ - Find the answer, here.

Biological Filtration Poll
Participate in this poll created by your About Guides to tell them and other aquarists what main source of biological filration your system runs on, or just view the polling results to get a consensus on which type is most often chosen.

What Is A "Biological Filter"?
You hear people talking about their "Biological Filter" a lot, but do you really know what it is? The answer may surprise you. You probably have more biological filtration in your tank than you know.<

How To Speed Up The Nitrogen Cycling Process
Methods on how to speed up the nitrogen cycling process by seeding a new saltwater aquarium with some mature bacteria from various sources.

Tank Cycling Methods Poll
Participate and view the results of this poll that your About Guides have created to see which methods hobbyists have used most often for cycling a new saltwater aquarium.

What is New Tank Syndrome?
From your About Guides Featured Articles Archive, this syndrome can occur whether you have a new tank or a well established one. Find out what causes New Tank Syndrome and how to avoid it.

New Tank Syndrome Causes & Solutions Table
Here is an easy to use Cause and Solution table to help you determine what caused and the solution for your "New Tank Syndrome".

Can I Use Ocean Water In My Aquarium?
Many people who live near the ocean want to know if they can use ocean water in their tanks.

My Tank Has Finished Cycling - Now What?
Now that your new saltwater aquarium has reached the end of the nitrogen cycling process and completed its task of establishing the beginning of your tank's biological filter base, what do you do next? If you are not careful, you could find yourself back on square one.

Cycling a New Tank With Fish
If you are planning on cycling a new saltwater aquarium with fish, read these tips from your Guides about making good tank starter fish choices.

Options For Cycling a New Tank Without Fish
If you are an aquarists that does not like to put fish in harms way to cycle a new saltwater aquariums, here is a list of other options from your Guides that you can choose from rather than having to use fish.

Cycle a New Tank With Live Rock
From your About Guides How To Set Up a Saltwater Aquarium in 10 Easy Steps article, Step 4 outlines the beginning phase for how to prepare live rock if you are planning on cycling your newly set up aquarium by this method.

Cycle a New Tank With Live Sand
Your About Guides explain what live sand is, what type is best used, how much to add, how to add it to a saltwater aquarium, and more about using and buying it to cycle a new tank or enhance the biological filter base of an established one.

Top 6 Nitrifying Bacteria Starter Picks
Read brief product reviews and compare prices on what your About Guides to Saltwater Aquariums consider to be some to the top nitrifying bacteria starters on the market that can help speed up the cycling process of a newly set up aquarium.

Cycling With Dead Cocktail Shrimp
A forums discussion about using dead cocktail type shrimp for cycling a new saltwater aquarium.

How To Cycle a New Tank Using Ammonium Chloride
From the AMDA Handouts page, John H. Tullock gives step-by-step instructions for using ammonium chloride to cycle a new tank, which prevents risking the health or lives of any livestock to do so!

A Typical Break-In Cycle Charted
From Aquatics Unlimited, James Kostich outlines the typical 30 day cycling process, simply breaking it down into the number of days each phase takes place, and accompanies the days with descriptions and colored bar graphs to easily understand this process.

Diagram of the Nitrogen Cycle (Animated)
From the Reef Sources Guide section, information about biological filtration and the nitrogen cycle, which includes a really cool animated tank diagram that shows the relative levels of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate in an average 6 week cycle period.

Tank Cycling FAQs
What is the nitrogen cycle? How much is too much ammonia? These questions and others about the nitrogen cycling process are answered in the FINS Beginner FAQs.

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