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Longfinned Batfish (Platax Penatus) Profile


Longfinned Batfish (Platax Penatus)

Longfinned Batfish (Platax Penatus)

Long Finned Batfish
Other Common Names:
Red Faced Batfish
Pinnate Batfish
Scientific Name:
Platax pinnatus

Source Info:
Bob Silva

Pinnatus' are darkish brown with bright orange pin striping outlining its entire body. They have a narrow vertical band behind the eye and a wider band behind the pectoral fin, both of which become periodically translucent. It is said that in the wild they can reach a length of three feet.

The distribution of the Pinnatus extends to the Tropical Western Pacific, Red Sea, and Indian Ocean.

Platax pinnatus is surely the showpiece in any aquarium it inhabits. However, they are an extremely difficult fish to keep and should only be kept by experts. One of the major factors involved is that they are very poor shipper. In fact, it's one of those fish that comes with no guarantee from the supplier, and with good reason. Getting them to eat is the major stumbling block for new arrivals. Due to their timidness, care must be taken to see that they get their share of food amongst tank mates. They are a great community fish, but must be kept away from any nippers such as Angels due to their lengthy fins.

Pinnatus' relish chopped shrimp and crab meat. Squid, frozen blood worms, live brine shrimp, and frozen brine shrimp are also accepted.

Bob's Notes
They really are something else, but I hope the picture and article doesn't drive herds of people to run out and buy them. I love having it, but its taken me five tries to get one fish to live, because so many of them just don't make the transition from the wild to the home aquarium. As you can see by what I wrote, they are extremely difficult to keep. I feel very fortunate to have the one pictured, it is just magnificent.

Bob suggests a Four Star Care Rating Level
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Guides' Notes
Bob Silva is a regular About.com Saltwater Aquariums site visitor. He submitted the above photo of his Batfish and wrote his review about this fish from his own personal experience with keeping them. By sharing his information he hopes to help other saltwater hobbyists learn more about them, how precious and delicate they really are.

This is a fish that we personally have not kept or had experience with. All of the information in this Batfish Fish Pick was provided by Bob. Thank-you Bob, a job well done!

Visit the Aquacon Pinnatus Batfish page for a photo view and more information about this fish.

Debbie & Stan Hauter
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