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Top 10 1 to 50 Gallon Aquariums


Whether you are a beginner looking for your first saltwater marine tank, or an experienced aquarist contemplating creating a quick and easy micro or mini reef tank or a refugium, one of these top pick aquariums between 1 to 50 gallons in size might work for you. With the variety of small tank PC and MH retrofit kits available today, these tanks are a good starting point for just about anyone.

1. All-Glass Mini-Bow Aquariums

All-Glass Mini-Bow
Complete 2.5, 5 and 7 gallon acrylic aquarium systems which includes a three-stage filtration--mechanical, biological and chemical filtration system.
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2. Marineland Eclipse Aquarium Systems

Marineland Eclipse System Aquarium
Marineland Eclipse Aquarium System aquariums are complete systems, including 3-stage BIO- Wheel filtration and fluorescent lighting. These seamless, injection-molded aquarium are available in 3, 6 and 12 gallon models.
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3. Marineland Eclipse Hex 5 Aquarium Kit

Marineland Hex 5
The 5 gallon Eclipse Hex 5 includes Marineland's total three-stage filtration system. This 13"x11.25"x15.5" aquarium kit will fit just about anywhere.
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4. Oceanic 29g BioCube HQI Aquarium System

Oceanic 29g BioCube HQI Aquarium System Image
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The Oceanic 29g BioCube HQI Aquarium System upgrades the popular BioCube Aquarium for serious reef hobbyists. Redesigned canopy with 150 watt double-ended metal halide lighting system provides a brilliant light output of 5 watts per gallon!
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5. SeaClear Bowfront Aquarium Combo

SeaClear Bowfront Aquarium Combo
Acrylic bowfront tanks available from Seaclear in 36 and 46 gallon sizes. Choose clear, black or cobalt blue. All SeaClear Bowfront Aquarium Combos include a fitted fluorescent light fixture.
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6. SeaClear Deluxe Hexagon Aquarium Combo

SeaClear Deluxe Hexagon Aquarium Combo
SeaClear Deluxe Hexagon Aquarium Combos are available in 15 and 20 gallon and include fluorescent light fixture.
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7. SeaClear Eclipse 2 & 3 Compatible Aquarium

These SeaClear aquariums are designed to be compatible with the Marineland Eclipse Filtration and Illumination System. The SeaClear 2 tank comes in 20, 25 and 30 gallon, and the 3 in 30 and 40 gallon sizes. Sold as "tank only", the matching Marineland Eclipse 2 or 3 Filtration and Illumination System can be purchased separately to complete it an all-in-one lighting and bio-wheel filtration system hood.
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8. SeaClear Hexagon Aquariums

SeaClear Hexagon Aquarium
Available in 15, 20 and 25 gallon models, these acrylic tanks work great for corner installations.
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9. SeaClear Rectangular Aquarium Combo

SeaClear Rectangular Deluxe Combo Aquarium
These solid acrylic 15, 20, 29 30, 40 and 50 gallon aquariums are less than half the weight of a comparably sized glass tank, they are also virtually leak and breakproof.
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10. SeaClear System II Aquarium Combo

SeaClear System II Combo
The SeaClear System II Aquarium Combos include the acrylic tank and a combination light hood/ 3 chamber Wet/Dry filter system. The Combos are available in 26g Flatback Hex, 30g Show and 40g Regular models.
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