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Water Quality and Aquarium Maintenance Issues

Establishing a regular routine for performing maintenance tasks is all part of keeping your aquarium in top shape. Taking the time to siphon up detritus, clean the filter and other equipment, mix saltwater solutions for water changes and replenishment, test the water and address other water quality issues are just some of the jobs that need tending to regularly.
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Using Reverse Osmosis Water In SW Aquariums
Using Reverse Osmosis (RO) & De-Ionized (DI) Water in Marine Aquariums. Many aquarists are turning to using RO/DI water in their aquariums, rather that using straight tap water to eliminate a number of problems.

Importance of Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Your Marine Aquarium
The Importance of Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Your Marine Aquarium. The level of the dissolved oxygen in your marine aquarium water is extremely important to everything in your tank. Low levels of dissolved oxygen can reduce your fish's ability to fight off disease as well as reduce their bright colors. Testing and raising the DO to a safe level...

Marine Aquarium Spring Cleaning
Spring is almost here. Birds are chirping, the weeds in the garden are starting to grow, the lawn will soon be needing the first mowing of the year and many of us will be doing the spring cleaning in the house, getting it spiffed up for the new year. Most of us have a tendency to put off doing the big routine maintenance jobs on our marine...

Saltwater Aquarium Water Chemistry & Quality
Establishing a regular routine for performing maintenance tasks is all part of keeping your aquarium in top shape. Taking the time to siphon up detritus, clean the filter and other equipment, mix saltwater solutions for water changes and replenishment, test the water and address other water quality issues are just some of the jobs that need tending to regularly.

What Aquarium Maintenance Procedures Should Be Performed, and When?
Once you have completed the first basic aquarium maintenance tasks one should perform several weeks after an aquarium has finished cycling, it's time to set up a regular schedule and begin standard maintenance procedures. Find out what these tasks are, and when they are recommended to be done.

Ammonia Toxicity Reduction in Saltwater Aquariums
Ammonia poisoning is a major cause of fish losses in marine aquariums, particularly during the cycling process. Here is a simple method to reduce the toxicity of ammonia in aquarium water. Also shown is how to avoid increasing the toxicity of ammonia when cycling an aquarium.

Vacation Aquarium Care
When going on a trip for business or a vacation, it is best to make plans and arrange to have someone attend to or at least check in on your aquarium once a day while you are gone. There are a number of things you can do ahead of time which will make tending your aquarium while you are away much easier.

Aquarium Cooling Solutions
When you are unable to resolve an aquarium overheating issue because it is merely due to hot summer weather conditions, here are some simple but effective ways to temporarily bring down harmful rising tank temperatures and keep your aquarium inhabitants safe.

Identifying, Locating and Curing Stray Voltage in a Saltwater Aquarium
Stray voltage, even in small amounts, can cause a number of subtle or dramatic problems in an aquarium. Here is a step by step method to indentify, locate and cure stray voltage.

Heaters & Heating Issues
What type of heater is the best choice, a hang-on-tank, submersible, or cable system unit? Should one or more heaters be use? What temperature is optimal to maintain a saltwater aquarium and reef tank system at? These and other questions about heater setups and aquarium heating issues are answered here.

Tank Temperatures
A discussion about the optimal temperature for a saltwater aquarium.

Getting Salt Creep Off Your Glass Aquarium
Getting salt creep off your glass aquarium is a project that many put off as long as they can. Unfortunately, it only gets worse and becomes more difficult with time. Here is a method to remove salt creep from your glass tank and some tips on how to minimize it in the future.

Faster, Easier Aquarium Maintenance
No one likes to do tank maintenance. Make aquarium maintenance faster and easier by following these 7 simple steps. From topping off to faster feeding to algae control and more, simple ways to make them easier and faster to do.

How can I protect my saltwater aquarium from insecticides?
FAQ - How can I protect my saltwater aquarium from insecticides?

Top Handy Aquarium Cleaning Tools
Face it. Cleaning the tank is usually last on an aquarium keeper's list of things to do, and any tool that makes the job easier is worth its weight in gold. Here's a list of some of the handiest, inexpensive and simple to use gadgets for cleaning aquariums that are designed to help get the job done as easily and quickly as possible.

Reef Tank Temperatures
What is the best temperature for your reef tank? How High is Too High? It may be higher than you think.

Organize Your Aquarium Cabinet
Quick, easy and inexpensive cabinet organization project which will make it simple to store and find all of the things you use to maintain your aquarium.

Aquarium Substrate & Live Rock Clean Up Tips
The primary cause of high nitrate and nuisance algae growth in aquariums stems from allowing organic debris to accumulate in the system. It's not difficult to keep an aquarium clean and tidy. From this list of handy cleaning tools and the simple things you can include as part of your regular maintenance routine to clean up the substrate and live rocks, it's easy to reduce heavy amounts of troublesome organics that settle and build up in these areas of your aquarium.

Curing Cloudy Aquarium Water
Depending on the cause of the cloudy water, the problem can be either very easy to cure, or require more extensive procedures. Fortunately, the causes of cloudy aquarium water in each case can be determined by the color or tint of the water.

My Aquarium Has Finished Cycling. What's Next?
Once your new saltwater aquarium has reached the third and final phase of the nitrogen cycling process and completing its task of establishing the beginning of your tank's biological filter base, it's important to be patient, and move slowly! Here's why.

Do I Add Salt or Fresh Top-Off Water?
Here's the answer to the question, when the water level drops in my saltwater aquarium, am I supposed to add salt or fresh top-off water?

Aquarium Salt Creep
Aquarium salt creep is a common problem for saltwater and freshwater aquarists alike. Learn about what aquarium salt creep is, the damaging effects it has on equipment and other items it comes in contact with, and find out how to deal with this encrusting and corrosive substance.

Top Saltwater Aquarium Myths
Over the past few decades, the science of saltwater aquaria has increased by leaps and bounds. In spite of the new knowledge, many of the old myths which arose during the years of experimentation are still professed by some as facts. Here are some of the most popular myths which are still in circulation.

A First-Aid Kit for Saltwater Aquariums
Unforeseen situations with your aquarium can occur at any time, and if you are not prepared to handle a critical problem if it arises, losses to your aquarium community can be costly. You should be ready at any given time to be able to perform a partical or complete water change, treat a sick fish, or handle any number of other emergenices.

Can I Use Ocean Water In My Aquarium?
Many people who live near the ocean want to know if they can use ocean water in their tanks.

FAQ - Should I Do a Water Change While Cycling My Tank?
You are in the middle of the tank cycling process, your ammonia and nitrites are spiking and your fish aren't looking too good. Should you do a water change to reduce the toxins?

My House Is Being Tented?
Q. I have a 55 gallon salt water tank FOLR and I wanted to tent my house for termites... my question is can the tank remain in the house while is being tented???

My Tank Has Finished Cycling - Now What?
Now that your new saltwater aquarium has reached the end of the nitrogen cycling process and completed its task of established the beginning of your tank's biological filter base, find out what needs to be done next to start maintaining the system.

What is New Tank Syndrome?
Whether you have a saltwater aquarium that has just finished going through the nitrogen cycling process, or one that is well established and been running for years, new tank syndrome can occur. Find out what NTS is, what causes it, and solutions to avoiding this problem.

New Tank Syndrome Causes & Solutions Table
Here is an easy to use Cause and Solution table to help you determine what caused and the solution for your "New Tank Syndrome".

What is Old Tank Syndrome?
From Aquatics Unlimited, this article by James Kostich addresses the problem of how an unwary aquarist is most likely to be rudely awakened to "Old Tank Syndrome" when he or she attempts to add new fish to an existing collection, because high nitrates have been allowed to accumulate due to poor maintenance care.

Tap Water Purification Methods
Methods for how to purify fresh tap water before using it in saltwater aquarium systems to avoid the potential problems that can arise from doing so.

How To Manually Generate Oxygen in Aquariums
If your power goes out for any reason, one of the first things you need to worry about with your aquarium is getting oxygen to your tank critters. Fish and invertebrates, including corals constantly deplete the oxygen in your tank. Here is how to replenish the O2 in your tank until the power is restored.

The Causes of New Tank Syndrone In Saltwater Aquariums
Whether you have a new or established saltwater aquarium, find out what new tank syndrome is, what causes it, and get solutions to avoiding this problem.

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