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Anemone Pictures

A photo collection of a number of Sea Anemones, most of which included name information with them to help with identifying commonly kept saltwater aquarium species.
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Top Anemone Photos Gallery
Top Anemone Photos Gallery contains some of the finest photos of Anemones you have ever seen.

Green Carpet Anemone
When fully open, this anemone measures about 8 inches in diameter. While carpets are not a natural host for Percula Clownfishes, our pair of Black/White Percula Clownfish in our 92 gallon corner bowfront reef tank adopted this carpet as their host after a few months.

Dori Corell's Tube Anemone
Dori Corell's terrific close up photo of her Tube Anemone (Cerianthus membranaceous) which is her 90 gallon salt water set up with various fish, hermit crab, snails,live coral and anemones.

Roman's Bubble Tip Anemone
Roman Espinosa's photo of his Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor) in his 20g reef tank.

Tony's Blue Carpet Anemone
Tony Bosco's photo of his Blue Carpet Anemone (Stichodactylla haddoni) which resides in his 55g reef tank.

Tina's SWT Anemone
Tina Hendricks' photo of her SWT Anemone (Heteractis magnifica), also known as the Magnificent Sea Anemone, which can grow to one meter is size.

Peter & Christys' Rose Tip Anemone
Peter & Christy Tyrrells' photo of their Rose Tip Anemone which resides in their 51g Cube Reef Tank.

David's Green Bubble Tip Anemone
David Younglove's photo of his Green Bubble Tip Anemone in the middle with two Rose Anemone’s on the right, some Green Polyps are on the top left with a Cardinalfish swimming above.

Heather's Rose Bubble-Tip Anemone w/Ocellaris Clownfish
A beautiful picture of Heather Ortega's rose colored variety Bubble-Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor) with her Ocellaris or False Percula Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) resting snuggly inside.

Bradley Nicolay's Tube Anemone
Bradley Nicolay's terrific close up photo of his Tube Anemone Cerianthus membranaceous. Tube Anemones are highly toxic and can kill just about anything in your aquarium that touches it.

Lou's Pink Condy Anemone
Lou Montanaro's outstanding photo of his pink Condylactis Anemone, submitted for entry in an About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contest.

Debbie & Stan's Hawaiian Mann's Anemone Images
Here are two photos taken by your About Guides that you can compare to see how far their Hawaiian Mann's or Maroon Anemone moved over about a 17 hour period of time.

Shelly Gimple's Purple Codylactic Anemone
Shelly Gimple's photo of his Purple Codylactic Anemone, Orange Tree Sponge with a Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp.

Darin's Flower Anemone
Darin Mangione's close up photo of his Flower Anemone which resides in Darin's 29g Reef Tank with "Blue Legged Hermit Crabs, Emerald Crabs, Peppermint Shrimp, Tomato Clown, Sargassum fish, Mandarin Gobby, tons of Snails, Anemone Crab, and a couple of Blue Green Chromis".

Roy's Giant Condy Anemone
Roy Perez's outstanding close up photo of his Giant Condy Anemone (Condylactis gigantea).

Tom's Carpet Anemone
Tom Jabaut's photo of his Carpet Anemone, submitted for entry in an About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contest.

Hans' Purple Tip Anemone
A snapshot of Hans Burri's Purple Tipped Anemone with his Picasso Trigger (Rhinecanthus arculatus), an entry in About Saltwater Aquariums January 2001 Fish and Critter Photo Contest #1.

Joe's Purple Tip Anemone
A photo of Joe Martin's Purple Tip Anemone in his 7g Micro-Reef Tank.

Joe's Purple Tip Anemone Spawn
A shot of Joe Martin's Purple Tip Anemone Spawn cultivated in his 7g Micro-Reef Tank.

Val's Long-Tentacled Anemone
A picture of Val Clements' Long-Tentacled Anemone (Macrodactyla doreensis) with her Sabae Clownfish, an entry in About Saltwater Aquariums January 2001 Fish and Critter Photo Contest #1.

Lou's Condy Anemone
Lou's photo of his Condy Anemone and Green Emerald Crab.

Lisa's Blue & Purple Anemone
A picture of Lisa Dunn's outstanding Blue and Purple Anemone, collected from a jetty in Texas on the Gulf of Mexico.

Lee's Condy Anemone
The 1st Place Winner of the About Saltwater Aquariums January 2003 Fish and Critter Photo Contest, a great shot of Lee Niewoudt's Condy Anemone (Condylastus gigantea).

Larry's Purple Anemone
Larry Smith's Purple Anemone in his 55g semi reef tank.

Jennifer's Anemone
Jennifer Cools' photo of her anemone which has been submitted for an About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contest.

Jeffery's Condy Anemone & Clownfish
A picture of Jeffery Sondin-Kung's Condy Anemone (Condylactis gigantea) with an A. ocellaris species Clownfish in his 7g nano-reef tank, the winning entry in About Saltwater Aquariums January 2001 Fish and Critter Contest #1.

Jay's Bubble Tip Anemone
A close up shot of Jay Pederson's Bubble Tip Anemone.

Gina's Condylactis Anemone
A photo of Gina Morgan's Condylactis sp. Anemone, 1st Place Winner of the About Saltwater Aquariums August 2002 Fish and Critter Photo Contest.

Gary's Anemones
A photo of Gary Duncan's collection of various Anemones that was displayed as an entry in About Saltwater Aquariums January 2001 Fish and Critter Photo Contest #1.

David's Long-Tentacled Anemone
David Younglove shares a shot of his Long-Tentacled Anemone (Macrodactyla doreensis) with his two Amphiprion frenatus species Tomato Clownfishes.

Anemone Photos from Aquacon
From the Aquacon Fish Catalog, click on any of the underlined blue catalog numbers to get a photo view of the Anemones named. Common and scientific names included.

Anemone Photos by Phillip Colla
Phillip Colla has quite a stunning collection of sea anemone images on his Photography Web site to look at. He includes scientific names with the images on this page, but for even more pictures, type or paste "Anemone photos" into the search box. The results provides many more images with their common names displayed as well.

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