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Orange Skunk Clownfish Profile


Orange Skunk Clownfish Profile

Orange Skunk Clownfish (Amphiprion sandaracinos) Picture

Photo by Keoki Stender

Scientific Name:

Amphiprion sandaracinos (Allen, 1972)

Other Common Names:

Orange Clownfish, Orange Anemonefish, Orange Skunk Anemonefish.


Western-Pacific region.


Bright orange in color; unlike A. perideraion, this clownfish and the similar Amphiprion akallopisos species has no vertical white headband present; has a somewhat bold white stripe that runs from the snout upwards between the eyes, continuing along both sides of the dorsal fin, ending at the upper part of the tail fin.


A species that does well in smaller aquariums, but plenty of shelter should be provided.

Minimum Tank Size Suggested:

30 gallons.

Characteristics & Compatibility:

Does best if kept in pairs with a host anemone. Large females can be rather aggressive towards closely related, as well as similar species as noted above. Not unusual for wild-collected specimens to be prone to Brooklynellosis, or what is referred to as Clownfish Disease.

Diet & Feeding:

An omnivore. Should be fed a varied diet of meaty crustacean fares, such as finely chopped frozen or fresh table shrimp, fresh brine and mysid shrimp, as well as suitable herbivore preparations. A high quality, vitamin-enriched, color-enhancing marine omnivore flake food can be given to supplement adequate levels of nutrients. Feed 2 to 3 times per day.

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