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Red Rhodophyta Algae Photos Gallery


A photos gallery of Red (Rhodophyta) Algae which can be found in the ocean and, quite often, in saltwater aquariums. Red macro algae species (Rhodophyta Division) do not always appear red in color. These algae are scientifically classified as "red" because of the way they process light in the red spectrum.
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Acanthophora pacificaAcanthophora pacifica algaeAcanthophora spiciferaAcanthophora spicifera algaeActinotrichia fragilisActinotrichia fragilis algaeAhnfeltiopsis concinnaAhnfeltiopsis concinna algae
Ahnfeltiopsis flabelliformisAhnfeltiopsis flabelliformis algaeAmphiroa valonioidesAmphiroa valonioides algaeAsparagopsis taxiformisAsparagopsis taxiformis algaeBangia atropurpureaBangia atropurpurea algae
Botryocladia skottsbergiiBotryocladia skottsbergii algaeCentroceras clavulatum Centroceras clavulatum algaeDasya iridescensDasya iridescens algaeDichotomaria marginataDichotomaria marginata algae
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