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Acropora & Plate Coral Pictures

Pictures of two primary genera of the Acroporidae family that together makes up almost one-third of all reef building corals, view photos and pictures of Acropora species Bottlebrush, Branching, Brier, Bushy, Cat's Paw, Cluster, Elkhorn, Staghorn, Table/Tabletop Acropora corals, and Montipora species named Plate, Velvet/Velvet Finger Coral, Encrusting and Whorled Montipora.

Jason's Metallic Green Acropora Corals
A picture of Jason Grant's Metallic Green Acropora Corals (Acropora micropthalma) displayed in the About Saltwater Aquariums October 2000 Photo Contest.

Acropora Coral Colony Photo
From the SeaWorld San Diego-Aquatic Safari page, a nice photo of the Acropora Coral colony growing at SeaWorld Ohio, some brief notes included.

Table Corals (Family Acroporidae) Picture Gallery
Table Corals (Family Acroporidae) Picture Gallery. Photos of a number of Acropora corals.

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